How To Use Penis Pumps To Achieve Guaranteed Results

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A penis pump is a device designed for men to treat erectile dysfunction and increase the size of the penis in length and circumference. Such devices work by creating a vacuum inside a plastic or glass cylindrical tube around the penis.

Pumping causes air pressure inside the tube to decrease and, thus, the phallus starts swelling. This process allows expanding penile tissues resulting in new cells and enlarging the penis. The penis is encouraged to remain in such a condition for a prolonged period of time, and the growth gains can be permanent.

TOP 3 penis enlargement pumps today (november 2017):

#1. Bathmate Originals

Brief statistics:

Customers worldwide: 1 250 000 (90 countries)
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First results: 30 days
Maximum results: 180 days
Minimum penis growth:
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Maximum penis growth:
4.5 inches
How to use: 15 min. efery day
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This is the best water based pump. Bathmate exercises your penile organ by expanding its chambers. You’re results will be noticing in a few weeks, and you can enlarge your penis by 3 inches in 3 months or earlier. Thousnds of customer reviews on forums, blogs, social media will make you to trust hydromax. Learn more

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Brief statistics:

Customers worldwide: 450 000
Medical Certificates: CGS(Toxin free), RoHS(Class1)
VENUS AWARD(2013, 2014), SIGN AWARD(Best Male Enhancement Device 2013)
Money back: 60 days
Arctic Sea Limited(Iceland)
First results: 45 days
Maximum results: 180 days
Minimum penis growth: 0.7
Maximum penis growth: 3
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It’s a water assistant pump that helps you to increase the pressure without any discomfort. You will need only 15 minutes a day to use it effectivelly and add up to 3 inches in penis length and 30% in girth. Learn how it works



3. X4 Labs

This product has been created 12 years ago and since the first lunch it was upgraded many times to suit the customers’ need. It’s clinically approved to be effective. These devices support 3 types of fasteners for the best comfort possible. It’s the best solution for all penis sizes and shapes. Visit the official site

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Some men prefer using a lubricant as it can help avoid pain or irritation that can appear due to friction from the inside of the device.

In 2017, the male enhancement industry offers us a great variety of pumping devices but all of them can be divided into two key categories:

  • Hydro pumps (Bathmate is the leading product)
  • Electrical pumps
  • Manual pumps

Beginners are recommended starting their pumping activity with hand-operated devices to reduce the risk of injury and damage. After the penis gets used to pumping, they can take electrical pumps. Here’s a selection of top rated penis pumps

Manual devices create a vacuum inside the cylinder by using the pumping mechanism while battery-operated machines create the pressure automatically (with the start button).

If you think that a penis pump is an excellent solution, here are several simple steps that can help you use this(Bathmate) device correctly and avoid any penile injuries:

  1. Put the cylindrical tube around your penis.
  2. Remove the air from the tube with the pumping mechanism creating a vacuum inside.
  3. Start timing the pumping set. Beginners (men who use the devices for less than three months) are recommended wearing the pump for at most 15 minutes.
  4. Control the pressure level defined by the manufacturer’s instructions. Be careful not to exceed with pumping and follow your physiological indicators.
  5. Monitor the vacuum degree in the pump and avoid exceeding the limits defined by the manufacturer.

You should reduce the pressure and let fresh blood flow to the penis every 10 to 15 minutes despite the duration of the pumping set.

Penis Pumping Tips


The ticket to success in penis pumping is choosing the device that is right for you. So, to avoid any undesired results, you should:

  • Select a penis pump with a transparent tube(Use Bathmate for best results). This will allow you to follow the pumping process and watch how your penis responds to it preventing discoloration or irritation.
  • Take accurate penis measurements to make a correct choice and compare them with the manufacturer’s sizing recommendations.
  • Select a tube size that perfectly fits your penis. A larger or the largest size of the device won’t make your manhood bigger and can result in injuries due to overpumping. A small tube usually prevents optimal penis expansion and growth.
  • Consider a place where you want to use your penis pump. Some devices are designed for the use in the open air, in the shower or in the bath only.
  • Purchase a penis pump with a pressure gauge. This mechanism allows you to control the pumping pressure and vacuum level inside the cylinder. Excess pressure can cause pain and harm your manhood while low pressure does not ensure the enhancement results.

If you are a beginner in penis pumping for enlargement, you should avoid creating high vacuums not exceeding 4.5 inches of Mercury during the first several months. When you have enough knowledge and practice, you can increase the pressure level.

You can use cock rings after pumping. They will help hold blood in the penis and encourage the enlargement process. The Stallion Cock Cushions Set from the CTC Company is one of the best.


In several month of experience, you can add spiking to your pumping process. This allows setting the vacuum baseline for -4.5 inches of Mercury, immediately going to a higher level and, then, returning to the baseline. You are recommended starting with -4.5 inches of Mercury and increasing the vacuum level by -7 for 10 to 15 seconds.

A lot of men report that they experience edema when using penis pumps. Edema is a common response of the penis to pumping. It makes your phallus look swollen due to the fluid accumulated in it. If you have such a condition, you should reduce the pressure and use condoms or athletic bands over the penis. They will support the shaft of your penis and reduce swelling.

Penis Pumping Techniques

If you aim at increasing the size of your penis with pumping devices(like Bathmate), you should apply some techniques that can help you gain the highest expansion and enlargement:

Milking the Tube

Milking is one of the most popular and efficient techniques that helps promote and maintain blood circulation and trains the internal penile chambers.

The milking process is similar to masturbation, but you use your penis pump. You should move the cylinder up and down during the pumping. However, you are recommended milking your penis in 5 to 7 minutes after the start so your penis can get acclimated. Do not apply force and take a slow and smooth pace. Avoid hard or long milking as it can lead to penis swelling (the donut effect).

Pulse Pumping

You are recommended using different pressure levels during the pumping to promote the expansion of penile tissues and cells. You should change the pressure throughout the session. 5 in.Hg is the highest pressure level, and you can lower it gradually after one minute of the use. Then, you can go back to the maximum level quickly. Repeat the process.

This method is very effective as it improves blood circulation and exercises the inner part of the penis.


If you want to gain the highest result in penis pumping, you should use Bathmate Originals and place the cylinder on the erect penis. The longer your session is, and the longer your penis is in the tube, the more difficult it is for you to get an adequate erection. Shakes stimulate your nerve endings and encourage blood flow that helps maintain the required erection level.

You are recommended shaking the tube up and down making rocking motions with your hips. You should apply moderate force and avoid hard pressure to increase erections. You can change the intensity of movements.


Increasing blood flow to the penis is a key to successful penis enlargement. And wrapping is an excellent technique that can contribute to it. This simple method stipulates for wrapping the tube with a heating device (i.e., an electric heating pad) during the pumping session. You should not leave the wrap for an extended period of time as the cylinder quickly becomes hot and it can lead to burns or more serious damage.

Penis Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction


The pumping devices like Bathmate are primarily used to improve erectile function in men. As mentioned above, the pump creates a vacuum inside and stimulates more blood to flow to the penis. If you treat erectile dysfunction, you should stop your pumping process when the penis is erect and use a cock ring to prevent the blood outflow. This allows you to maintain an erection and improve your erectile function.

Penis Pumps Risks

Remember that long and intense penis pumping does not increase your size faster. It is a common misunderstanding that can result in serious side-effects. Penis pumping ensures very useful results when the size of the device is correct, and the manufacturer’s instructions are strictly followed.

You should not force your penis to grow – you should gently persuade it to want to become larger.

The gradual and methodical pumping process makes your manhood grow faster than intense and hard techniques. So, to avoid any risks of penis damage, you should follow these simple recommendations:

  • Start with slow speed and limited time. Penis pumping sessions of beginners should not exceed 30 minutes and 2 times a day. If you are an intermediate user, you session should last for 1 to 1.5 hours. Advanced users can wear the pumps during 2 to 3 hours and perform several sessions.
  • Avoid excessive pumping. This is the most common mistake most men make during pumping. When you wear the cylinder, it is quite easy to lose time control. You should monitor the window of time to promote effectiveness and prevent injuries.
  • Take breaks. You are recommended taking frequent breaks as it helps release the air pressure in the penis and improves blood flow. 3 to 5-minute breaks should be taken every 15 minutes. If you apply low levels in pumping, you may take breaks every 30 minutes. During these breaks, massaging, jelqing, and stretching can be used.


A penis pump is a safe and efficient device that can help men treat erectile dysfunction and increase the size of the phallus in girth and length. However, to gain the heights, you should choose the device with a correct cylinder size and pressure gauge.

The best recommendation here is to use Bathmate. Please start slowly and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and avoid any actions (overpumping, high-pressure levels, etc.), which can cause injuries. This will ensure a safe pumping process.

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