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Jes Extender
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$ 211.88 - Light
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Quick Extender Pro
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Money back: 365 days
Success rate: 92 %
First results: 30 days
Max results: 180 days
Approved by: Jake Benson
Expert rating: 10/10
Discreet packaging: Yes
Support 24/7: Yes
International shipping: $21
Ordering method: Online only
Payment method: Credit card
Jake Benson
Detailed review of Jes Extender

Male Reproductive Health, UCSF Urologist, urologic surgeon

Jes Extender

Do you want your penis to have a straighter shape and slightly larger parameters? Then the device Jes Extender can safely and naturally stimulate the growth of the penis without harming male health.

A wide range of penis extenders from the company Jes Extender allows each man to choose for himself the most suitable type of construction. This or that model of the device is sold in the original packaging with a complete set of working parts. You can use Jes Extender without doctor's appointments.


Benefits of Jes Extender


Let’s highlight some quality characteristics that are inherent in all extenders of the world famous Jes Extender brand:

  1. Exclusive design and packaging, which indicates the origin of the device;
  2. High level of efficiency. The parameters of the volume and length of the penis are increased by 25-30%;
  3. Safe use;
  4. Absence of contraindications and negative consequences;
  5. A wide range of products, which is distinguished by its bundling, exclusivity, and value.


Design Characteristics of Jes Extender


This or that set of traction device can consist of a certain number of parts and additional elements. However, the following details can be considered the basic set of Jes Extender:

  1. Two rings (clamp for the glans and the base of the penis);
  2. Fixing rods;
  3. Traction rods.
  4. The metal and plastic used in the Jes Extender production process are made of high-quality raw materials.


Why Should I Buy a Jes Extender?


Buy a Jes Extender

The extender design is improving every year. And already today we have a truly functioning device that is capable of increasing the size of the penis by 3-5 cm.


How Long to Wait for Results?


To be able to notice the positive effects of Jes Extender, you should regularly use the device for 1.5-2 months.


Warranty and Delivery


The guarantee of quality is the continued existence of the Jes Extender brand, as well as some relevant certificates obtained during clinical trials. Delivery of extender is available in any region of the world.


Jes Extender Features


The main Jes Extender design's difference is reliability and safety of use. For many years, employees of the world famous brand worked over these features. Most of the analogs of the Jes Extender traction unit have an unknown origin, which casts doubt on their effectiveness and safety.

Every man, who wants to look more courageous and sexually attractive for his woman, can Buy Jes Extender.

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