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Quick Extender Pro
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$ 119.93 - Value edition
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Money back: 180 days
Success rate: 93 %
First results: 14 days
Max results: 180 days
Approved by: Adam Smith M.D.
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Support 24/7: Yes
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Adam Smith M.D.
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Quick Extender Pro

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When women are asked to list some of the core elements that contribute to unforgettable sexual intercourse, most of them will list penis size among the most important elements. So, it is no surprise why so many men are not satisfied with the size of their penis. After all, this is what many men take as a sign of masculinity. We don’t know whether this is true or not, but the size of the penis plays a significant role in these activities.


It turns out that men with relatively small penises feel less worthy and their embarrassment is so strong that sometimes they avoid sex entirely. This is not fair because every man deserves to enjoy sex and something like penis size should not stop them. So, is it possible to extend the size of the penis? The simple answer is yes and what is even more interesting is that there are many ways in which you can do this. For instance, you can use creams and lotions, or you can check some pills.

There are also many effective exercises too. But, if you want to see results fast and you want to be sure that your efforts will pay off, you need to use a penis enlargement extender. Quick Extender Pro device is one of these penis extenders that are quite popular in the market today, and this is the reason why we have created this review.


What’s the science behind Quick Extender Pro device?


Quick Extender Pro enlarges male manhood with the help of a traction method. Even though this may sound simple to some people, the truth is that this method includes different steps to achieve the promised goals.


science behind Quick Extender Pro

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To start with, Quick Extender Pro acts by delivering a continuous light stretch to the penis every day. This is what penis traction is all about. Namely, the stretching activity is a tension put on your penis. Keep in mind that this process is safe and doesn’t cause any pain. In other words, you can use it and finish your daily tasks without any problems.


Next, by using continuous traction on your penis, you will witness the emergence of microscopic tears close to the shaft. This may sound painful, but there is no pain involved. Remember that these tears are invisible to the naked eye. Since these tears appear all the time while this process lasts, the body will start looking for a way to heal itself. The most logical choice is the process of mitosis that ends with cytokinesis. This is what Quick Extender Pro is trying to achieve in the first place.  


So, the healing process which includes mitosis and cytokinesis will trigger cellular division which will make two cells out of one. The main reason for this change is simple – the tissue cells are trying to fill the tears triggered by penis traction. In the end, you will get a natural penis enlargement. What is even more important is that your penis will not only become longer, but it will also be thicker.


Top rated penis enlargement system that works(review)


Quick Extender Pro system

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What is interesting is that users have the option to use the revolutionary Quick Extender Pro system. This system includes more than the ordinary penis extender device. Namely, the system also includes a penile pump and special pills. Each of these elements is designed with one thing in mind – extending the size and dimensions of the penis.


So, the penis extender found in the package relies on a relatively small pressure focused on the shaft of the penis which leads to tiny tears that emerge after that. But, these tears won’t cause any pain to the user throughout this process. The cells will slowly divide and ultimately concentrate on healing.

This is what we have already mentioned and described as mitosis and cytokinesis in this review. In case this process is performed on a regular basis, and if you use the pills and penile pump, you’ll get a longer and thicker penis in no time. Of course, you will be able to have more powerful erections and probably stronger ejaculation.


The system also comes with a penis pump. This is just an accessory, but it has proven to be very useful for many men. The fundamental goal of this pump is to accelerate the process of enhancement, and it provides a positive result in the girth size. This means that with regular use, you can expect to enhance the thickness for good.


Finally, the Quick Extender Pro system includes all-natural penis enhancement pills. While the extender works from the outside, these pills work from the inside. They are good for the blood flow in this area and blood circulation in general which leads to larger, stronger and bigger penis.


Quick Extender Pro penis enlargement results reviewed


1 month

2 months

+8% to your penis size

Harder and fuller erections

+12% to your penis size

Last longer in bed, enhanced penis sensitivity

6 months

12 months

+36% to your penis size

Improved sexual function, increased self-confidence

+45% to your penis size

Stronger erections, no penis curvature

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Quick Extender Pro penis extender is a product that has become an instant hit on the market due to its unique concept. This traction device has a unique design that relies on proven, modern technology. The designers have also used the experience of their colleagues in the area of penis enlargement.


The creators are so confident that their product is working that they have a money back guarantee policy. They have also confirmed that they have used premium-quality materials in this device which means that Quick Extender Pro will last for a very long time and deliver the promised results.


There is another package that includes a penis pump and special male enhancement pills that can help you speed up this process and enjoy your larger penis in a matter of days.


Disadvantages(side effects) of using Quick Extender Pro


Some say that the product is expensive and that they are not sure whether the results that are promised are real. However, we must once again mention that there is a six-month money back guarantee offer.


Does Quick Extender Pro Work (review)?


Advantages of using Quick Extender Pro


Generally speaking, Quick Extender Pro is a penis device and system that works flawlessly. It is by far the most sophisticated penis extender in the market today which provides long-lasting, natural results without causing pain. In the end, if you are dissatisfied with the results, you can always use the money back guarantee offer. You can browse before and after pictures, read testimonials of forums before you buy this extender.

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Proextender is cheap and comfortable; I have chosen it among other expensive penis extenders that promised the same thing. I know that effective penis traction is possible with a quality penis device and I'm satisfied with my choice. The tension with proextender is gentle and powerful at the same time. 2.5 inches in 5 months - I have reached my penis enlargement goals, thanks

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