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Bathmate Originals
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Androbath Penis Pump – A Review


 do not buy Androbath


In the world of penis pumps, there are quite some companies and products competing for the same market share. In that niche, Androbath is a company that stands apart from its competitors. It is a unique product that does the same work and with very few side effects or contraindications. Androbath uses warm/hot water to raise penile tissue temperature making it flexible and increasing blood flow to the area. This helps the device function effectively as far as traction and expansion are concerned – both are transferred to the penis optimally. 




Androbath Penis Pump

Androbath devices are made in Italy with lightweight and resistant materials. The device is made up of the following parts:


  1. Rubber bellow
  2. External chamber
  3. Automatic valve that retains and then releases force
  4. Internal chamber that provides dynamic safety and support
  5. Pressure control mechanism that can be checked at the top of the inner chamber


How to use Androbath?


Androbath Penis Pump


This device is designed for underwater use. Fill a bathtub with hot water and soak in it for a few minutes. Place the Androbath device on your penis under water. After inserting the penis, apply pressure to the device and make sure that all the water comes out of the internal chamber through the valve on top. Now the device can work as intended – it works on stretching the penis with the same about of expansion force that you apply. This force is applied by the bellow – it is quite gentle, and a lot of testing goes into the product before it is sold on the market. There is no discomfort to the user. Use for 20 minutes and release by pressing the valve on top of the device to release. The manufacturer recommends 20-minute sessions every day for 2 weeks and then slowly increase the usage time. Results should be evident in 2 months.




Androbath Penis Pump


Androbath works well for all users, and the best part is that the manufacturer offers a money back guarantee and a 2-month trial period.  Here is how you will benefit:


  1. It helps to overcome any problems with penis retraction. 
  2. You will get a stronger penis from all the muscle growth.
  3. It stops erectile dysfunction issues in the early stages; saving you from a lot of embarrassment.
  4. The device can be used for all ages. Even people with Peyronie’s disease can use it to correct problems.
  5. You can use it in the shower or the bathtub.
  6. It helps to improve sexual endurance.
  7. It helps to experience more intense orgasms without the aid of drugs.


Try it out for yourself after reading consumer reviews. Experience the benefits of Androbath and feel empowered in the bedroom.

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It is the best penis pump that I've ever tried. It works better than air pump

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