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ProSolution Plus
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Jake Benson
Detailed review of DuraMale

Male Reproductive Health, UCSF Urologist, urologic surgeon



For most men, who are either married or sexually active, the largest problem that they face is the premature ejaculation. In fact, the condition is so common for people, that one in three men suffers from this ailment. It is not something that is out of the ordinary, and nobody has to panic about it. However, most of the men, who suffer from this condition, are extremely nervous, as they are constantly under the thought of this.


One of the main causes for this condition is nervousness and tension. As a result, it does not get treated. I was one such man, who lived the life in constant fear. I had many girlfriends, but I was never comfortable in getting to the third base.


Finally, when I dared to break the final boundary, one girl was not satisfied, and she was rude to me. This made to feel incompetent in the bed. However, all those feeling of insecurity vanished, as I started to use DuraMale.


1 month

2 months

Average ejaculation retention time increases to 7 minutes; increased libido Improved sexual stamina, no stress and anxiety, stronger and firmer erections

6 months

12 months

Ejaculatory time extends to 16 minutes; improved fertility, more pleasurable orgasms Last up to 30 minutes, longer lasting orgasms

Before trying this supplement, I have searched the Internet and found out about Kegel exercises and other ways to control the premature ejaculation. The exercises were time-consuming and, moreover, they did not give me any improvement in the results. However, the supplement was quick to act, and I could find myself lasting longer in the bed. When I got married, my wife did not have a clue about my previous condition. I was able to satisfy her every single time, and she was always happy to make love with me.


Importance of DuraMale



Today, after a year of usage, I feel that the DuraMale has made my sex life far better and the effect of it is visible in other fields of the life also. If one is unable to satisfy his wife or girlfriend, then the problems can arise in the relationships. So, in a way, this medical and natural supplement has not only spiced up my sex life but has also saved my love life and public life. I would always recommend this to my friend, who is suffering from the similar condition. As a person, who has successfully come out of the situation, I can say that this product has zero side effects and you need not worry about the effectiveness of this.


Importance of DuraMale


During the first month, you might not find any considerable differences. However, you will soon be able to find a lot of difference in the time that you can maintain your erection and also for how long you can hold from climaxing. Unlike females, who can continue to have sex even after the climax, men are unable to do it, so it becomes all the more important that men treat this condition at the earliest possible. The simple key is not to get tensed or nervous. They are the primary reasons for premature ejaculation. After that, the contents of the pill can help you to overcome the situation. It also helps you to be more virile than other men. So this is one supplement that every man must take.

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I was excited to try premature ejaculation pill. I've never heard about any approved premature ejaculation drug, so I have decided to buy Duramale and see how it works. My first month was unsuccessful, but starting from the 2nd month, I began to control my ejaculations like never before. I guess the secret is in the sensitivity of the penis. It was reduced, and I was able to get my partner to Climax. This is a safe product, I confirm it works and provides the results

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