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Semenax is a male enhancer, primarily designed to boost the amounts of semen that the man produces. It claims that with an increased volume of semen there will be many other benefits as well. Increased semen will lead to stronger and longer orgasms, it will intensify your sexual pleasure, and you will be able to last much longer in bed.

Semenax is made of a combination of herbs, minerals, and vitamins that can positively impact the production of semen. The great thing about it is that it contains ingredients that boost the production of nitric oxide in your organism. This compound increases the blood flow towards your penis, and that can improve your erections.

All of the following ingredients inside Semenax can naturally boost your libido, so here are their characteristics:

  1. Maca Root is an ingredient known for its sex drive boosting capabilities.
  2. Zinc increases testosterone production, and it enhances the quality of sperm.
  3. Pumpkin seeds are contributing towards better health of your prostate.
  4. Epimedium Sagittatum gives you harder and stronger erections.
  5. L-Arginine increases the volume of your semen and can also improve the hardness of your erections.
  6. L-Carnitine is a good ingredient for improving the quality of semen.
  7. Catuaba Bark is a powerful natural aphrodisiac.


Semenax has several advantages and disadvantages, so consider them carefully before using this male supplement. Regarding pros, Semenax is made of a combination of vitamins and herbs that have a good effect on different things inside your body. Many of the ingredients can certainly enhance your sex drive. Semenax has also been positively evaluated by many men that have used this supplement.

When it comes to cons, not all ingredients are disclosed. There are not many details about the effectiveness of the product, and more clinical studies are needed. It is also recommended to be used for a prolonged period if you want to experience better effects.     

When it comes to dosage, Semenax pills should be taken twice per day. You can notice some positive results after two weeks of using, but if you want to fully get all the benefits, you need to take Semenax pills for at least two months. Semenax can be purchased directly from their official website, but it can also be found at other retailers as well. One month supply of Semenax costs sixty dollars, but you can get discounts for buying larger quantities. This product also comes with 67-days money back guarantee, which is a reasonable period for trying the supplement.

Most of the men, who have used Semenax, claim that they have experienced gradual improvement with this supplement, so you have to be patient. One of the biggest benefits you can get is increased semen amount, enhanced sensitivity during sex and more intense orgasms. Semenax looks like an excellent male supplement to use, mainly due to the many strong ingredients. However, it requires extended use for best results. Semenax does need more tests and recommendations by health professionals but is a good male product that will deliver you the desired results.

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