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Does Bathmate pump work? How to Buy it for a Cheap Price?

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Bathmate Hydromax


For sure, every man has repeatedly heard about the devices that are actively used to increase the parameters of the penis. One of the most effective ways to make your penis bigger is to use a special Bathmate Hydromax pump.


The working principle of the hydro pump Bathmate Hydromax is quite simple and straightforward. Natural stimulation of the growth of the penis occurs at the time of creating a vacuum and the effect of pressure due to warm water. These processes stimulate and intensify the blood flow in the penis, which provokes the stretching of cave tissues. As a consequence, an increase in the volume and length of the organ occurs. In addition to stimulating the blood flow, the positive result of the action of the hydro pump is manifested in a more powerful and prolonged erection. With the regular use of the device, the sexual function of the male body is entirely normalized.



How to use Hydromax(instruction)



Denote the fact that you can use a hydro pump to increase the penis, both in the shower and the bathroom. It all depends on your preferences and comfort.


 How does Bathmate Work?


    • The first step is to steam the penis in warm water for five minutes. This can be done in a filled bath or under a shower. At this point, it is desirable to relax every cell and muscle of your body.

    • Then fill the pump with warm water, while holding the pressure valve, which is located on the edge of the tube.

    • Insert the penis into the pump body.

    • With the help of pumping movements, it is necessary to create pressure inside the hull.

    • After the vacuum formed inside the tube, press the pump tightly against the pubic bone.

    • The water that is in the tube begins to flow under the influence of pressure while stimulating a mechanical erection.

    • After 3 minutes, you should slightly let the valve and release the water. Continue to practice for 15 minutes with an interval of 60 seconds between 3-minute sets.

    • At the end of the session, open the valve completely, releasing the remaining air from inside of the tube. Only after this, you can safely remove the penis from the flask.



How to Buy Bathmate pumps?

You can find different stores, where you can buy Bathmate online. But why do you need to order overpriced pump without any warranty and guaranty? We suggest to order Bathmate on the official site only. This is the best way:

  • To order original product
  • To get the best price possible
  • To receive the official money back guaranty
  • To get the official 2 years warranty
  • To order accessories

To order the newest pumps (Hydromax3, Hydroxtreme)

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Usage Instructions for the Bathmate Hydromax Pump


First of all, I want to say that using a hydro pump like Bathmate Hydromax is a safer and more efficient process that prevents the appearance of negative consequences. Using air pump as a penis enlarger, the user provides himself with ruptured capillaries on the surface of the penis. This process takes place due to the creation of internal pressure, which is triggered by an instant inflow of lymph.


Small hemorrhages appear because of the ruptures of the capillaries, which leave behind the skin swelling and dark spots. Swelling penis seems bigger, but its main function (erection) remains sluggish and short.


Air doesn’t take part in the stretching of the penis in the case of using a hydro pump. It uses water, which more gently affects the surface of the skin. Warm water provides maximum relaxation of muscles and tissues, prevents the appearance of swelling and rupture of capillaries.


 The advantages of using the Hydromax hydro pump are the following:


    • Getting rid of sexual dysfunction;

    • Immediate increase in the parameters of the volume and length of the penis;

    • Safety and ease of use;

    • A patented device which production was started in 2007;

    • The safe and environmentally friendly materials used only and the pump do not cause irritation and allergic reactions on the surface of the skin;

    • A wide range of models of the water pump Bathmate Hydromax allows you to choose the device based on the initial parameters of the penis.



Bathmate vs. Penomet





An analog of the world-famous Bathmate Hydromax is the Penomet hydro pump. Both devices are designed to stimulate the natural process of enlarging the penis. The main difference of Penomet from Bathmate Hydromax is the availability of removable working gaiters, which allow creating a certain force of pressure inside the tube. Bathmate Hydromax is diverse in its model range, according to which the consumer picks up for himself the required size of the pump. In the case of Penomet, the device has a universal size of the tube.


The Penomet was presented in 2010, while the Bathmate Hydromax water pump was produced three years earlier. The cost of both products is the same, but with the purchase of additional gaiters for Penomet, the price of the device becomes higher by about 60%. The unifying characteristic of the invention is the high quality and safety of the materials used. The safe and effective impact of hydro pumps has repeatedly been tested by clinical studies, as confirmed by the relevant certificates.






It's time to discuss the complete set of the Bathmate Hydromax hydro pump, as well as additional accessories that increase the effectiveness of the result while using the device. The design of the hydro pump consists of the main body, where the penis is inserted. Latex gaiters are the primary element, through which pressure is created inside the device. At the edge of the main body is a valve, which allows you to adjust the pressure.


On the surface of the tube, a measuring scale is placed, which allows controlling the impact of Bathmate Hydromax on the parameters of the penis. The manufacturer issues a device in the original packaging, which is included the detailed instructions with the rules and recommendations for using the water pump.



 In addition to the standard water pump package, anyone can additionally purchase a vast number of accessories:


    • The shower belt greatly facilitates the use of the pump in the bathroom or shower;

    • Tape measure, which allows a more reliable evaluation of the result after applying the pump;

    • The bag-case for storing the hydro pump will ensure the integrity of the device during the journey and transportation;

    • Extra short and long insert for gaiter;

    • Comfortable and ergonomic brush for cleaning the water pump.



Warranty and Delivery



Manufacturer of Bathmate Hydromax guarantees the effectiveness and safety of the device to each user. During the existence of the hydro pump, Bathmate Hydromax managed to help hundreds of thousands of men around the world to get rid of the problem of small penis size. The manufacturer regularly conducts clinical studies, which are the main guarantee that the hydro pump has a high degree of efficiency and safety.



In confirmation of this fact, you can see a huge number of quality certificates on the manufacturer's website and compliance with international safety standards.


Another important aspect, which acts as a guarantee of effectiveness, is the positive feedback from users. Everyone can get acquainted with the content of the comments, in the "Reviews" section. Moreover, you, too, have the opportunity to leave your feedback on the practical experience of using the hydraulic pump Bathmate Hydromaxx.


Every man on the planet can become a happy owner of the world famous device today. Delivery of products is carried out all over the world by any preferred transportation service for the customer. Terms of distribution directly depend on the chosen courier and transport company.


Are you tired of feeling the constant discomfort in bed with any woman, which is caused by a small penis size? Then right now it is necessary to get rid of existing intimate complexes with the help of a unique device - the hydro-vacuum pump Bathmate Hydromax. The action of the tool is aimed at solving several sexual problems at once that are present in the life of many men. Reduced potency, insufficiently long and powerful erection, lack of sexual desire - all these disorders will be eliminated by using the hydro pump Bathmate Hydromax.