Do penis pumps really work? Learn Medical and Customer Facts

Do Penis Pumps Work?

Hundreds of men have hundreds of questions about penis pumps and their work:

  1. Are they able to raise and maintain your erections?
  2. Do they cause any painful sensations?
  3. Are they top-quality or mediocre devices well marketed within the male enhancement industry?
  4. Should penis pumps be used permanently to make the penis larger and fuller?
  5. Which penis pumping technique to use?
  6. Which hydro penis pump is the best on the market?
Hydromax and Penomet hydro penis pump that works. They are considered to be safety devices if you use them as instructed. Those pumps are using the newest technologies in the penis enlargement industry. And there are no other water based pumps that can similarly.

Men buy these pumps because:

  1. There is no way you can harm your penis.
  2. It’s a 100% comfortable penis enlargement.
  3. You should use these pumps in a bath for 15 minutes a day.
  4. The penis enlargement results will be permanent.
  5. You can increase your penis by 4 inches in length and 1 inch in girth.

Do Vacuum Penis Pumps Work?

Vacuum pumps that cost 20-30$ are not approved by the FDA so you should be careful with them.

You should stop using the vacuum pumps when your penis hurts, becomes swollen, bleeds, or you have noticed other signs of injury.

Let’s see whether hydro penis pumps are as efficient as they claim to be and how they can help men realize male penis enlargement dreams.

Attachment Recommendations


Penis pumps or vacuum constriction devices are cylindrical devices that should be used externally and attached to the end of your penis. You place a ring or a band at the opposite end of the cylinder and fix it on your body. The pump and cylinder are designed to cause erections and the band on your penis to help maintain erections.

Penis Pump in Use

You may choose between manual or battery-operated pumps. Hand-operated devices require your hands to pump the bulb to create some vacuum. If you use the automated pumps, you should only press the start button, and the devices work for you.

Quick note
You are recommended using a lubricant with the ring to slide your penis into any of these devices easily.

Do Penis Pumps Work as Claimed?

You should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and manuals when applying a penis pump to your little buddy. Please be careful and do not exceed pumping time and strength. Otherwise, you may damage your blood vessels or cause any other injury.

Penis Pumps to Relieve Erectile Dysfunction


Men often use penis devices to combat erectile dysfunction, start a sexual encounter (experiencing an erection), and the last longer in bed (maintaining an erection).

Did you know?
The vacuum pump is developed to stimulate more blood to flow to the penis helping, thus, control your erections and prolong your sexual intercourse up to 30 minutes.

Do Penis Enlargement Pumps work?

Men often use penis devices to make their phalluses longer, fuller, and larger. It is reported that an average increase in such a case is 0.25 inch (less than 1 cm). Therefore, penis enlargement with penis pumps is still doubtful.

Penis Pumps to Masturbate

There are no reasons not to use these devices for masturbation. They are excellent sex toys when you are alone.

Real Effects


Results, which vacuum devices provide, may vary. Some users report that the pumps have significantly changed their sex lives for better while others say that they have achieved less than average effects. Based on the customers’ reviews, penis pumps seem to be extremely popular among men suffering from erectile dysfunction. If you are seeking a powerful and safe way to enlarge your phallus or increase sexual power, you should probably try other options.

Permanent results

Based on the results reported, it is evident that they are not permanent.

o get the highest benefits from penis pumps, you should use them on a regular basis and sometimes before every sexual intercourse.

Where to Buy Penis Pumps?


Both manual and battery-operated penis pumps are available without prescription in local pharmacies or online. You may find them in some sex shops, but these are usually designed to increase sexual pleasure and fun and may not relieve erectile dysfunction (if it is your key goal).

How Much Does a Penis Pump Cost?

A price for a penis pump depends on a type of the device you need and varies between $10 and $200 or even more.

The cheapest penis pumps are plastic manual devices while the automated vibrating pumps can be quite high in price.

If you don’t know which penis pump to buy, we can recommend you Androbath.

Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

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