15 Facts You Should Know About Natural Penis Enlargement


How to Choose the Right Penis Enlargement Method

If a man is concerned with the size of his manhood, he will be looking for an efficient method that can help him achieve his goals. You have already searched the Internet and found an enormous amount of information about penis enlargement pumps, pills, extenders. However, you are not sure whether you may trust all this data, whether these products are safe and potent, and how they can work for you.

So, to help you better understand this industry, we have collected and validated 15 wide-spread facts you should know about penis enlargement in natural ways.

Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement

Yes, it’s true! Nowadays, you may find quite an effective penis enlargement products like penis extendershydro pumps, and pills, which do not require going under the knife and are safe for your life.

Penis stretching is an excellent example. Also, conventional and traditional medicine provides a great variety of clinically proven and tested methods that can help men in realizing their dreams about penis size and strength. And the results can be temporary or permanent.

Modern times offer professional penis exercise programs, and penile traction devices like Quick Extender Pro as the most efficient methods men can apply to generate permanent penis enlargement with no high risks, expensive procedures, poor results, and adverse reactions.


But you should take into account that natural penis enlargement requires time, efforts, and dedication. And our bodies and genetics are different so all of us will achieve different results.

What is the Fastest Way to Enlarge the Penis Naturally?

If you ask me what is the latest and modern penis enlargement solution today, I will answer you with no doubt – it’s a hydro penis pump. Can you just imagine, that there 1000+ vacuum penis pumps available on Amazon for 29.99 and only two hydro penis pumps called Bathmate and Penomet?

It’s true – there are only 2 water based pumps on the market. Do you know why? Because those pumps have potent their technologies and no one can use it.  And now let’s talk about the results:

  1. You will see an increased erection size right after the first penis pumping session.
  2. You will be able to see the first penis enlargement results in 7-14 days.
  3. You’ll be able to improve your erection hardness by 20% in 7-14 days.
  4. You can enlarge your penis by 1-4 inches in 2-3 months.


Is it Painful? Is it Dangerous? Does it Really Work?

You can find the answers by yourself, but if you want to know everything and right here. Here you go:

  1. Hydro penis pumps are comfortable and safe to use, there is no possibility to harm your penis
  2. Bathmate and Penomet are medically approved devices, made from high-quality materials and with the highest standards of EU
  3. The results are guaranteed. There is a 60 days money back guarantee available

Is it Worth to Try a Penis Pump?


Sounds crazy, right? But if you read penis enlargement forums, you will find thousands of posts from real penis pump users, that claim 100% effectiveness of penis pumps.

How to Buy

Quick note
You can visit www.bathmatedirect.com and www.penomet.com to place an order, save money and get an official warranty

Despite a lot of happy men, success stories, and positive clinical studies, some guys have experienced negative feelings rather than have gained any benefits, because they use fake pills, devices or vacuum pumps.

What Really Works Today?

Did you know?
And let’s face the truth that penis extendershydro pumps, and pills are the only natural products that allow achieving a permanent increase in the size by changing its anatomy permanently.

This is confirmed by scientific and practical evidence. But 100% penis enlargement for any men is not guaranteed – gains are individual and depend on how your body responds to the devices and exercise routines.

If you long for a bigger and fuller penis, non-invasive methods are right for you. You have nothing to lose – just strictly follow all the instructions and be sure of your good health condition.

  Summary: Natural penis enlargement works, but it requires long-term efforts in penis stretching and exercising. Results are not predictable and can vary – there is no 100% success guarantee. 

Do You Really Need to Make it Bigger?


Penis size is one of the most emotional and sensitive issues for men. When you watch porn films and compare what you see there with what you have, you begin experiencing some discomfort and anxiety. This is what triggers your thoughts about a longer, stronger and fuller penis.

Every man has his reasons for increasing his penis size. He may want to get:

  1. Higher sexual satisfaction;
  2. Become more self-confident;
  3. Impress his partners. ;
  4. Stimulate the female G-SPOT.

Most men do need to make their manhood larger as they are not good enough to satisfy both partners.

What Does Modern Medicine say?

Dr. Approved
Studies demonstrate that most men who think their penises are small and want to enlarge them appear to have average or even above-average sizes.

Before you start any procedures, you should take penis measurements.

And if your erect length is 7.0 inches or more, you should not make it longer unless you can look like a porn star. Please bear in mind that an average a medicine penis length is between six and seven inches. This penis is large enough to satisfy your partner in bed and make all your bedroom dreams come true. But if your size is below 6 inches, you will not be able to stimulate the G-Spot

In such a case, you may increase the circumference or hardness of your penis to experience stronger sexual sensations.

Quick note
Natural supplements like VigRX Plus and Prosolution Plus stimulating better blood circulation may help you achieve these results.
 Summary: If your erect penis length is 7.5 inches or more, you do not need to increase it but enjoy your perfect size and unbelievable sex. Sure, you can take some penis enhancement pills designed to make your manhood fuller and stronger, and your sexual performance longer-lasting. 

Natural Penis Pills Benefits


If any man suffers from some sexual dysfunction or feels some discomfort or is embarrassed by its penis condition, he will prefer taking herbal penis pills like VigRX Plus (more than 1 000 000 customers worldwide). And there is nothing strange about it as supplements are the easiest way to achieve your goals in this area because you do not need to make any efforts.

You should only take a penis growth pill that is responsible for the rest of the process.

Did you know?
Male enhancement pills are considered to be one of the fastest, time-saving and cost-effective approaches to promoting male sexuality and potency.

So, let’s see what VigRX Plus penis enhancement supplements can do for you:

  1. Relax blood vessels boosting blood flow to the genitals and ensuring stronger, harder and longer-lasting erections;
  2. Promote sexual desire;
  3. Increase sexual energy making you last for hours in bed;
  4. Increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction;
  5. Improve your overall health, including the cardiovascular system, prostate health, cell viability and energy, reproductive response (sperm quality, count, and motility) that will support your erectile function and sexual health;
  6. Increase stamina;
  7. Enlarge penis by 1-4 inches in length and girth.

You can learn more about VigRX Plus on the official site www.vigrxplus.com

VigRX Plus natural male enhancement supplement demonstrate excellent gains and ensure the results mentioned above. In contrast to a quick fix (prescription drugs), they can provide permanent results and cause no side-effects as VigRX Plus is formulated with herbs, vitamins, and amino acids your body requires to function properly.

Do Penis Pills Work?

However, you should know that VigRX Plus penis enhancement medicine help to enlarge your penis, but you should combine them with exercises or devices to achieve the desired effects.

If any company or product claims otherwise, you may be sure that it is a scam.

If you are over 20 years old, no prescription or natural penis pill can help increase your penis in length. They can make your erections harder and fuller by making more blood flow to your genitals or intensify your sexual sensations.

If you add penis enhancement workouts and penis extenders to natural botanicals and vitamins, they will speed up and increase their effectiveness.

Did you know?
Stretching and exercising your penis will maximize your penis enhancement results and will ideally interact with herbal supplements.
 Summary: Natural penis supplements are considered to be one of the safest methods to enhance penis health and erectile function. However, they won’t ensure permanent penis increase results. Additional techniques are required. 

Penis Extenders Review


Clinical facts
Yes, it is! A Quick Extender Pro penis extender (or a penile traction device) is the only penis elongation method that has been clinically proven. Studies demonstrate that wearing traction devices on a daily basis for six months can add one-third to the length of your penis and approximately one inch in its circumference.

But these results depend on individual human aspects, including lifestyle, age, and compliance. So, you should take into account that this approach does not ensure 100% success.

The extender works by applying constant pressure to your penis resulting in micro-tears in the penile tissue and stimulating your body to produce new cells and create new tissue in the phallus.

This helps your penis go through the stress and adapt to a new condition making it grow in length and girth. You can adjust the pressure and force applied to your manhood.

If you are a beginner, you should start with the lowest level and increase it step by step to avoid any injury and get benefits. Extender manufacturers usually provide detailed instructions on how to use their products, and you are highly recommended following them.

Penile traction devices like Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics, Phallosan Forte or Jes Extender are also used to correct penis curvature. Doctors usually recommend them to patients suffering from Peyronie’s disease. A lot of men report significant improvements in several months of the use of the extenders.

 Summary: Penis extenders appear to be the only natural method that can ensure permanent penis enlargement. However, individual results may vary – there is no 100% success guarantee. 

Penis Pumps Review 2018

Penis pumps are among the most popular tools that help men realize their penile dreams. These products are designed for treating erectile dysfunction and making erections harder and longer-lasting.

Nowadays, two types of penis pumps are available on the market:
  1. Water-based pumps that use water to build up the pressure in the cylinder making the penis expand.
  2. Air-vacuum pumps that create air vacuum in the cylinder around your penis;

A water-based(hydro) pump is an innovative penis enlargement product that appears to be safer and more potent if compared to vacuum pumps. We can recommend you Bathmate Originals.

How Does a Hydro Penis Pump Work?

Did you know?
Bathmate and Penomate work by promoting the capacity of erectile tissue so they can accumulate more blood during erections. They make corpora cavernosa (two chambers along the length of the penis) dilate filling them with blood and ensure harder and larger erections.

The Bathmate and Penomate are usually used by men from all over the world to reduce erectile problems, enhance blood circulation in the penis, temporarily increase the circumference of your penis, and enlarge your erect penis. This will allow you to prolong your sexual encounter and enjoy tremendous sexual pleasure.

 A final review: Penis pumps are efficient devices used to combat erectile dysfunction in men. They can produce temporary and permanent results. You should take into account that their gains in girth are faster, and the increase in length is not as stable than that received with penis extenders.  

Penis Enhancement Exercise is a Great Penis Enhancement Technique


Penis enhancement exercises are among the most robust methods that help men make their manhood stronger, harder, and longer. Such routines as jelqing, Kegels, and stretching are quite popular among guys.

Clinical facts
Studies and practice prove that they increase and support the blood flow to the genitals and enlarge the penis.

However, you should be careful when doing these workouts and strictly follow the directions. Otherwise, you can cause an injury to your phallus.

Kegel (or pelvic floor) exercises are also effective in treating premature ejaculation (when a man expels his semen right after the penetration) and increasing orgasm control.

These workouts are considered to be the most natural and safest penis enhancement method. The exercises do not require money – you can do them at home following the recommendations whenever you want.

But you should keep in mind that penis exercises like any other natural penis enhancement training or device do not provide immediate results. So, you’ll have to possess your thoughts, patience, and dedication to achieve the desired results. They may seem to be an easy solution. However, professional approach, time, and efforts don’t make them simpler than any other natural method.

Just like with weight training, penis exercises require dedication and commitment to reach satisfactory results. They must also be done professionally to avoid any injuries or unwanted side effects. That’s why it’s not an easy or quick solution, and most men would prefer another method that requires less time and effort, like pills or devices.

 Summary: Penis enhancement exercises will help you make your penis larger, fuller and stronger and you will be able to regain ejaculation and orgasm control. You may find a professional training program (recommended) and follow its instructions to get benefits and avoid any harm. 

Penis Enhancement Exercises Work

Yes, it’s true! However, you should remember that penis exercises require time, efforts and dedications. If you do a particular routine on a regular basis for three to six months, it will show fantastic improvements, including dramatic penis growth and better overall health.

You will also notice that your erections have become harder and firmer, you can control your ejaculations and forget about any premature semen expulsion, and you experience incredible sexual sensations and multiple orgasms.

 Summary: The effectiveness of penis enhancement exercises is clinically proven. This method offers a high potential to men and can ensure perfect results. However, all of them are individual and can vary. 

The Chartham Method is the First Penis Enlargement Technique

Did you know?
The Chartham Method was one of the first penile programs developed for men to enlarge the dimensions of their penises.

This approach consists of four elements:

  1. Exercises triggering the large muscles of the lower abdominal wall, the gluteal, or buttocks, the large muscles of the pelvis, and the upper thighs;
  2. Hot penis compresses;
  3. Penis massage;
  4. Vacuum developer with a plastic tube that allows creating a vacuum around your penis.

Its effectiveness was investigated by Dr. Brian Richards, a specialist in sexual health, in the 1970’s. 32 men participated in the clinical trial for three months.

The study showed 87.5% success rate, two men left the trial, and two men experienced no improvements. 28 men reported that they had added 0.94 to 1.4 inches to the length of the erect penis and 0.55 to 1.2 inches to the girth of the erect penis.

 Summary: Such results show that the Chartham Method is a proven technique for enlarging the penis. 

The Penis Health is Among Top Penis Exercise Programs


Synexus & Harrison performed clinical trials to test the effectiveness of the Penis Health exercise program and demonstrated excellent results.

Penis Health offers a clear and professional package of videos that can help you achieve success in natural penis enlargement.

The study involved 50 men and continued for three months. They did the exercises as instructed 22 minutes per day and five days per week. The Synexus & Harrison trial showed that men had increased their erect penis length by 1.8 inches, and erect girth by 1.6 inches.

 Summary: So, we can see that penis exercise programs have been developed through years. Approximately 30 years have passed between the trials, and we see significant progress. But you should remember that the exercises must be done correctly to experience the highest effects. 

Exercise Dedication is the Only Obstacle You Can Meet when Enlarging Your Penis

The only minus of penis enlargement exercises is that they require a lot of time and commitment.

To achieve the desired results, you should perform routines on a regular basis – 4 or 5 times per week and strictly follow the directions.

Training your penis is like any other sport. You should take significant efforts to get your award. You won’t gain your goal if you are unenthusiastic.

You may think that it is quite easy to do exercises for 30 minutes every day. But when you move beyond rhetoric to a particular action, it appears that you can hardly find 20 or 30 minutes for your training with concentration and without interruption.

If you are a beginner, you should learn the basics to start professional exercising and keep moving forward to your goal. Success can be achieved when you continuously improve your skills and intensify workouts.

So, when you start your exercising process, you should focus on your body and strength and spend a lot of time. Sometimes, even men who promise to gain the highest success in natural penis enlargement, give up in a few weeks.

 Summary: Penis enlargement exercises are an effective way to make your manhood larger and fuller. However, they require time and dedication. Penile traction devices can produce the same results within a shorter period. 

Safety is a Primary Issue


When you are attempting to make your penis larger and longer with exercises or penis traction devices, you expose your manhood and its tissues to stress. And stress forces your penis to grow. The main point is not to exceed with training and stop in time – enough is as good as a feast.

Thus, you should follow the well-structured exercise programs and apply extenders as instructed and do not exceed the time and pressure defined for the training. Otherwise, you can cause harm or injury to your penis that will require an extended rehabilitation period. You should avoid any minimal risk.

In other words, you should resort your penis to a proper stress level to achieve the desired results. Thus, it is hardly possible to cause any severe damage.

Some men report that they have experienced bruising, slight soreness, or redness during the first week. However, the symptoms disappear when your phallus get used to the process.

 Summary: You should listen to your body. Stop exercising, stretching or pumping your penis immediately if you feel any pain or your erections lose their firmness. If you think you are overtrained, take a break for a day or a couple of days and continue your program when you are ready again. If you do all penis enlargement exercises correctly, you will gain your goal. 

Penis Enlargement Exercises Ensure Slow but Positive Changes

penis -enlargement

Exercising the penis is a gradual process that usually takes three and more months to show permanent results. You may see penis enhancement progress every week. You’ll notice changes in your penis size, erection hardness, endurance and sex quality. Such gains will help increase your self-confidence.

However, you may experience some obstacles in penile development and growth when you see no results at the end of any week or a particular part of the exercise program.

Clinical facts
Penis enlargement exercises can add 1 or 2 inches to the length of your erect penis and 0.5 – 1.5 inches to its girth if you do them on a regular basis for three to six months.

However, you should take into account that our organisms are different and respond to force applied individually. Thus, the achieved results may vary.

If you want to achieve your goal, you should be energetic and persistent. You should face obstacles, learn from them, listen to your body and adapt your exercises to your needs no matter how long this process can take and how long you need to keep training.

 Summary: If you stayed motivated and dedicated to your penis exercise routine, meet the well-structured program directions, and intensify your exercises step by step, you will notice positive changes. 


Healthy Lifestyle Improves Your Results


Yes, physical stress and commitment ensure penile growth, but you should remember that your lifestyle also plays a significant role in the penis enhancement process. You should avoid bad habits, including alcohol and cigarettes, which can reduce your potency and erections. And your diet should include well-balanced and fresh foods.

Exercising your penis is similar to exercising your muscle mass and requires an optimal amount of vitamins and nutrients, which nourish and restore your body. So, optimizing your diet and vitamin intake will promote your penis enhancement results you are attempting to achieve with exercises.

Here is a simple formula you should remember:

Healthy foods (vitamins + minerals + nutrients) + Penis exercises = Penis increase

You may choose any bodybuilder’s diet. To realize the formula mentioned above in your life, you should also take a certain amount of protein (20 to 30 grams) every two or three hours.

Did you know?
The regular protein consumption helps your body maintain the nitrogen balance required for tissue growth.

Natural male enhancement supplements will also be of great benefit to you and speed up your enlargement results. VigRX Plus is one of the best herbal pills designed for men to increase libido, enhance sexual stamina, and make their erections harder, firmer and longer-lasting.

These pills contain vasodilators, the ingredients which expand blood vessels and stimulate higher blood flow to the penis improving erections. They also include precursors of testosterone (an essential male hormone), which promote testosterone production in the body.

 Summary: A lot of men report fast results when they combine penis exercises, fresh and healthy foods, and botanicals. 

Did you Hear About Penis Patches?


The penis enlargement patches like ProEnhance are designed for men to nourish their bodies with natural vitamins and nutrients, which boost sexual desire, increase stamina, endurance, and performance, improve erections and make orgasms more explosive.

They are similar to herbal penis enhancement pills, but you should stick them to your skin instead of taking orally. These patches release natural ingredients directly into your bloodstream through your skin, and the body absorbs them immediately. Thus, you may feel the prolonged arousal and higher sexual satisfaction.

 Summary: Your sex life becomes better, and your partner experiences greater sexual pleasure. 

Penis Hangers Promote Penis Enlargement


Penis weights are one of the most ancient penis enlargement methods.

Did you know?
Hundreds of years ago, men used stones attaching them to the heads of their penises and wearing them for several hours on a daily basis.

And this technique is advantageous and shows excellent results. However, you should wear some weights on your penis at least for two to four hours per day if you want to achieve your goal. Hangers apply force to the penis stretching the tunica and the ligament and resulting in micro-tears in penile tissues. New penile cells appear and enlarge the phallus.

If you live alone and have several free hours a day, you can use this approach and benefit from penis weights. This will perfectly match your lifestyle.

 Summary: Hanging weights is an effective penis enlargement techniques used for ages. But you should avoid overtraining as it can lead to penile injury. 


15 Facts You Should Know About Natural Penis Enlargement
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