Androvacuum Air Penis Pump Review, Comparison, Actual Results


In the present-day world, many men regularly experience distressing instances of erectile dysfunction. This problem can be caused by a range of negative factors, such as unhealthy lifestyle, diseases, certain medications, and age-related changes in the male body.

If sexual disorders are not eliminated in time, they can lead to non-atrophic atrophy. In other words, blood circulation in the cavernous tissues of the penis deteriorates significantly, which can result in impotence.

The unique and innovative Androvacuum is a high-quality device that improves the quality of intimate relationships and enhances the male sexual function if used regularly. It stimulates blood flow to the penis, which results in a powerful and strong erection.


Advantages of the AndroVacuum Device

The modern market offers a broad range of penis enlargement devices designed to improve the sexual capabilities of the male body and increase the size parameters of the penis.

The innovative pump Androvacuum was developed by leading medical experts and boasted of some positive characteristics and advantages:

  1. Improves sexual health and erectile capabilities of the penis;
  2. Regular use of the Androvacuum pump normalizes the functioning of the genital organ naturally (enhances the potency and enhances the quality of erections);
  3. Multiple clinical studies confirmed the high safety and effectiveness of the device, as evidenced by the accompanying documents and quality certificates;
  4. While using the pump, you don’t have to take any additional ED medication;
  5. The tool is simple and safe to use. It allows the user to control the duration of the artificially achieved erection;
  6. Helps the user to get rid of many psychological problems associated with sexual dysfunctions (stress, depression, nervous breakdowns, etc.);
  7. The Androvacuum pump is made of safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials that do not cause skin irritation and allergic reactions;
  8. The pump is effective for improving the quality of intimate life and magnifying the size parameters of the penis. Enhanced blood flow provides for regular and strong erections, which results in stretching of the cavernous tissues of the penis and a subsequent 15-25% increase in the size of the genital organ;
  9. The pump comes at an affordable and democratic price that does not affect the user’s budget.

The Quality of Materials Used In Androvacuum Pumps

The manufacturer uses environmentally friendly raw materials that are safe for human health.

High-quality medical plastic is repeatedly tested for safety, toxicity, and suitability for hypersensitive skin. The wear-resistant material does not require special care and has a sufficiently long service life. The Androvacuum device impacts the tissues of the penis using air vacuum.

Why Do Experts Recommend The Androvacuum Pump?


Today, more and more men seek qualified medical assistance for their erectile dysfunction. Earlier, specialists used to recommend all sorts of drugs, medicines, biological supplements and extenders, but today their stance has changed drastically.

Dr. Approved
Most modern sexologists and urologists recommend the Androvacuum pump to their patients. It’s distinguished by great efficiency and a higher level of safety of use. The effects of the pump’s systematic application stay with you for 12 months.

Using the device properly is the key to a safe effect on the penis and the absence of adverse reactions.

The Androvacuum is a clinically and laboratory-tested product that has helped men from all over the world to combat one of the most common and unpleasant male issues – erectile dysfunction disorder.

How Long Until I Get Positive Results?

An interesting fact all users of the Androvacuum will appreciate: the time necessary to receive positive results from the use of the pump is minimal.

Quick note
You will notice the first effects after using the device for 4 weeks.

The erections will become stronger and longer-lasting. After another month, the cavernous tissues of the penis will stretch, which will boost both length and girth parameters of the genital organ.

Warranty and Product Delivery

The Androvacuum pump is a high-quality and effective device that comes with all the relevant quality certificates.

All documents confirming its safety and high effectiveness were obtained on the results of clinical and laboratory studies.

Each customer can get acquainted with the accompanying documents, which are the main quality guarantee. Visit the manufacturer’s official website to find all the necessary and reliable information.

Today, every man – regardless of the region and country of his residence – can become the owner of this innovative device for stretching the penis and eliminating the erectile dysfunction issue.

The product can be delivered to any location on the planet via any courier and transportation service selected by the customer.

Androvacuum vs. Similar Pumps: A Comparison


Compared with the world-famous Penomet and Bathmate, the modern device Androvacuum has a slightly different principle of operation. The first two variants envisage manual operation of the pump, while the Androvacuum vacuum device only requires the user to press a button.

Did you know?
As opposed to Penomet and Bathmate, this pump’s design does not have a visible pumping gaiter.

The new device is much easier to use; it does not require physical strength and endurance. As to the Penomet pump, you can use it both in water and outside of it. The device is versatile due to the replaceable gaiter.

On the other hand, Bathmate lacks removable and replaceable gaiters and can only be used in water. You should select a Bathmate hydro-pump based on the specific size parameters of your penis.

The Androvacuum device’s operation principle is based on vacuum, which means it’s intended for out-of-water use. The working chamber is of universal size. Therefore individual selection is not required.

The most important advantage of the Androvacuum over all existing analogs is the universal nature of its effect. In addition to boosting the size parameters of the genital organ, this pump enhances the sexual capabilities of the male body.

In turn, this positively affects the quality of intimate relationships, the partner’s satisfaction and the quality of orgasms.


Summing up the review, every man of 40 years of age or older should consider buying the innovative Androvacuum pump. This high-quality device requires no special care and is easy to use.

The mechanism is activated simply by pressing the special button. If used properly, the device is not capable of causing adverse side effects.

The list of contraindications is concise, which ensures the pump is in great demand among men of different age categories.

If you’re eager to get rid of the erectile dysfunction issue and naturally increase the size parameters of your penis, don’t hesitate to order one of the high-quality and effective Androvacuum devices.

An affordable price, as well as simplicity and safety of use, are guaranteed to all consumers.

Learn more about the use of vacuum erection devices for ED here –

Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

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