What does a penis pump do? Erection vs. Penis Size

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Adult men feel awkward when they see small penis after reaching their adult age. They shy away from the world and lead a disastrous life. They run after many psychological consultants and find no solution to their problem. One thing these types of people should understand is that a small penis is not a disease or problem at all. It is only a genetic condition, and there are no methods to increase the size.

Adults feel insecure and scared when it comes to erectile dysfunction, which is also incorrect. So, what exactly a penis pump do? Is it effective for erection enhancement, or penis enlargement, or both?

Did you know?
Erectile dysfunction is curable, but scientists have not any invented any treatments for improving the size of the penis. The hydro penis pumps technology is the first penis enlargement method, appoved by doctors today

Patients can go for surgeries, but they may not get fruitful results, even if they undergo surgeries.

No one has invented scientific devices or methods for improving the size of the penis. Adults feel nervous when they watch a small penis and never fall in love with a girl. This is nothing but mental agony and pathetic situation.

Girls, who fall in love or like to share their beds with their boyfriend will not bother much about size and will only be worried about other forms of oral sex. Guys, who have small size penis, buy tons of gels, ointments, sprays, and other oral supplements and try their level best to improve their size. But the result will be only to injury to the shaft of the penis skin.

But guys can increase their size if they do penis pumping and penis stretching. Size may vary from two to three inches.

Adults Can Try Penis Pumping using Bathmate


There was no scientific evidence or proofs that are associated with the results of penis pumping using hydro pumps. People may damage their penis if they use vacuum since they have sharp edges, which are made up of iron or steel.

So we recommend you to use penis Bathmate Hydromax pump, which improves your erection, stamina and penis size. You can find lots of before and after pictures on the net, when men demonstrate their Bathmate Hydromax results.

Companies are advertising their products only to boost up their sales and improve their profits. They are not concerned about the health of the individuals and keep on selling these types of dangerous supplements on the market. Men should not try OTC supplements that are sold in the market, since they may have harmful chemicals and ingredients that may harm the organs in the long run.

Researchers have opined that there is no cure for short penis and the people should not feel prejudiced when they have a short penis. Books, guides, and articles that are circulating on the websites are only for advertisement purpose and not scientifically proved.

Many penis enlargement supplements are stuffed with unnecessary chemicals that will harm the kidneys and other organs quickly.

Stop buying all these useless stuff and just live a normal life. The penis is only an organ that does several interesting functions in a day and safeguards a person. Severe strain and stress on these areas will only result in permanent damage. Supplement manufacturers are also penis enlargement capsules and pills that have flower and plant extracts. Individuals should understand that these ingredients will not do any magic and may only improve one’s immunity power.

Stay Away From Dangerous Chemical Based Supplements


Live with what you have is the simple rule, which applies to everyone. People, who have a small penis will have a fantastic sex life with their partner if they come out from the psychological traumas associated with this topic. Millions of people all over the world, who have a small penis are having amazing sex during the night times and are leading a wonderful life.

Small size penis problem is a century old issue where there is no proper answer to this question. If adults are obsessed with this haunting though, then the only remedy is psychological counseling.

Quick note
But people, who are very scared about small penis can do minimum penis pumping using hydro penis pumps that are sold in the market.

But they have to carefully use vacuum devices since they may injure the soft tissues and skin quickly. Guys should understand that average size is enough for satisfying the sex craving women or beloved wife.

Married men can easily insert their tiny penis inside the vagina when they follow certain positions, which are listed on this site. Some of the best poses are doggy, hound, the fan, and so on. Visitors can enter the gallery and watch all the poses without winking their eyes.

Individuals should avoid all these devices, creams, and supplements and openly discuss their sexual problems with the women they love. When they stop using these dangerous devices, they not only save thousands of dollars but also live a normal life.

Lift the woman’s pelvis and insert the penis patiently.

People should compulsorily visit the physicians if they have infertility, reduced semen count, or other extreme psychological traumas.

What does a penis pump do?

Penis pumps help to maintain erection hardness and stamina, vacuum devices are less effective and can cause different side effects. Hydro pumps Bathmate and Penomet are much more effective and safe. And you can even enlarge the size of your penis on a permanent basis if you use such pump at least 15 minutes a day when you’re in the shower. These pumps use water to reduce the risk levels and increase the effectiveness of penis suction. Water pressure helps to enlarge the penis tissues gently and safely.

Average penis size is good for the body and sexual life. Change the thought process and indulge in intense sexual activity with sheer enthusiasm boldly. Every adult man should indulge in extreme sex and lead an enjoyable experience on this earth. Small size penis will not be a hurdle for mind-blowing sex with the partner.

Every bad thought starts in mind and fear of small penis is only a negative mindset. Sex acts as a ventilation for the stress and strains, and mid-aged people, who have little size penis can have sex multiple times in a day without any problems. Boys with a short penis should only have an endless craving, erect and robust penis to indulge in sex, and other factors are just psychological problems.

People, who explore this site, should patiently follow all the methods and poses before indulging in sex. When a person can satisfy a woman orally, then he will also please through sexual intercourse. Have plenty of oral sex and caress the body parts of the woman. Let it be gentle and carefree. When the man starts the sex, he will come out of the bed only after having sexual intercourse. People, who read the contents and topics are happy with it and are rating this is the best.

Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

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