How To Jelq? Step By Step Instructions

Quick note
First of all here is a handy chart you can use to keep track of your progress.

The reason to keep track is you will be seeing gradual results over time. And the human mind tends to disregard changes unless they are dramatic. Maintaining score lets, you see actual improvements as they happen. By the way be sure you measure your erect length and girth not flaccid.

handy chart

The warm-up

The warm-up is crucial before doing the jelq to do.

Never do the jelq without the heating.

The marathon you’ll never run without warming up. You may not need injuries. Furthermore, in the event, you don’t get the warm-up you may have outcomes that are minimal.

To do the warm-up, you’ll need the little towel or a face cloth. Wet the towel with warm water until all the way through and hot soaked. However, not too hot that you manage.

Wet the towel

Now wrap the cloth. At first, this may feel maybe somewhat distressing and somewhat strange but if it occurs it will not survive very long, and you may be accustomed to carrying it out fast.

Keep the towel on for about 1 minute soak it with water that is hot and also this time keep it on for 2 minutes. But should you believe you need more time repeat the method before you feel able to carry on?

How to do the jelq?

how to jelq

How to jelq
You have to take your penis at the bottom with your thumb and index finger. So you have to take it, and in about six skin stroke, you have to push the blood from the bottom to the top of your penis. And then you have to stop. You have to stay about  1 centimeter from the start of the head. Why you have to stay right here is just to release and get the blood going back to where it came from. You do not want just to squeeze it all the way through because that is not safe. You need to get the blood up to a point where there is still enough room for the blood.

You can also use penis enlargement pump to increase the penis size. The most popular one is Androbath.

Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

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