How to Use Quick Extender Pro Effectivelly(My Instruction/Manual)

How to use Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro is a rod extender that uses classic penis technology traction. Stretching of the tissues of the penis is carried out by the pressure with which the system acts on the tissues of the penis.

The design of the device consists of aluminum rods, a double extender base strap support piece . The head of the penis is held by two silicone tubes, which are put on with foam pads . This approach ensures safety and comfort while wearing the device.

Extenders differ in design, set of accessories and the ability to personalize the device to fit your penis parameters and wishes for comfort.

Most classic type devices that work with penis technology traction have a number of disadvantages:

  1. Poor assembly
  2. Lack or lack of necessary accessories for comfort
  3. Insufficient number of rods for fine tuning
  4. Poor quality materials
  5. Insufficient rigidity of the device

As a rule, most penis stretching devices have springs up to 1500 gr. This is usually enough to use, but if we are talking about getting maximum results, then you should be able to increase the load.

The process of effective use of the device Quick Extender Pro depends on two factors:

  1. Traction force and adjustment, increase in traction with wearing time
  2. Self wearing time, regularity, breaks, daily use

The very use of the device should be gradual. The first week – no more than 30-60 minutes a day with breaks. Then you can already use more than 2 hours a day. And in a month you will be able to wear the device for 3-4 hours daily.

At the same time, you will need to take breaks every hour to control the process of using the device and avoid side effects.

How to use Quick Extender Pro

First of all, you need to prepare the device for assembly. Initially, the device is assembled and its assembled length is 3.6 inches or 9 cm.

Next, you need to decide:

  1. How many loops will you use – one or two
  2. foam will you use pads – normal or memory
  3. What is the total length of the bars you need to set at the rate of + 4 cm to the length of your relaxed penis
  4. You also need to understand at what angle the device will be used. Usually this is the down position. But you can choose any of 180 degrees

After assembling the device, you can start using

You can put the device on both a relaxed penis and a semi-erect one. For example, only the second option is suitable for me, since the size of my relaxed penis is no more than 7 cm. I simply cannot fix it in the device.

Next, you need to prepare Band Aid . You must wrap it around where the loop is in the foam pad will be fixed in front of the head.

  1. Make the loop wider to fit the penis through.
  2. Put the device on the penis by inserting the penis ring first
  3. Next, you need to roll the skin of the penis back
  4. We compress the springs of the device as much as possible
  5. We pass the penis into a ring or two rings
  6. Gently tighten the loops with the other hand so that it is secure, the penis does not fall out, but it is not too tight
  7. Pull the skin of the penis back so that it does not get under the loop, as this can be uncomfortable
  8. Start decompressing the springs
  9. You should feel traction, if not, turn the tension screws, they will give additional traction. Same thing – if it’s too big, let them go. You can adjust the tension not only by screwing in new rods, but also by unscrewing the screws. This is convenient when you literally need to slightly increase or decrease traction.
  10. You can also fix the rods by tightening the screws at the very base of the device. I like to fasten and tighten them so that the structure does not dangle, as this can cause the device to slip out of the hinges.
  11. The first time the device should be used no more than 30 minutes
  12. Do not forget that if your head of the penis turns blue, you need to stretch the loop and press on the head of the penis with your thumb. It helps restore blood circulation
  13. Try to strike a balance between comfort and traction. Those. traction should be felt at all times, but comfort and lack of pain is key to proper wearing. You can take breaks more often, even take days off.
  14. Rotate the barbell by 0.5 cm every week to increase the pull. Remember, progress in penis enlargement is possible only with increasing load and constant use of the device.

Penis straightening

In fact, any Quick package can be used to straighten the penis. Extender Pro , not just Peyronies and curvature . Since in fact the device does not change, it’s just that additional springs are provided in advance in the penis straightening package, memory comfort pads and the most rigid springs are used.


A program of use accompanies the instructions for the device. It involves gradual getting used to Quick Extender Pro . Gentle program at the initial stage and more active – after 2-3 months of use. There are also many recommendations on the penis enlargement forums for using Quick . Extender Pro .




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