Increasing Penis Size With Stretching


Stretching is one of the penis enlargement methods used by thousands of men all around the world, but only advanced users are recommended applying it. Penis stretching employs the same principles as neck stretching that is widely popular among women in some African and Asia cultures.

Before you start extending your penis, you should remember several simple things:

  1. Thoroughly warm up your manhood to avoid any injuries or harm and get the highest effect from stretching exercises.
  2. Do stretching exercises when your penis is completely flaccid. Extending your phallus when it is partially or wholly erect can be risky and dangerous.
  3. Choose a correct technique, follow all the instructions and remember that you aim at enlarging your penis naturally and safely.

Now, you are ready to continue with exercising.

Basic Penis Stretching

Here is the detailed instruction of how you should perform penis stretches to achieve the best results without side-effects and injuries.

If you are not circumcised, you should start the stretching exercise with pulling your foreskin back. Otherwise, it can prevent you from forming a firm grip around the head of the penis, and thus, you put more force on the penile skin rather than the penis itself. And you should not stretch the foreskin as it is elastic enough to cope with any size of your phallus.

Now, you may start extending the internal penile tissues and ligaments to achieve the enlargement effect.


How to perform stretching
  1. Tightly take the penis with your hand: you can make an overhand or underhand grip (whatever is more comfortable for you).
  2. Start gently pulling the penis straight out of the body until it takes a position horizontal to the floor. Avoid any painful feelings and rapid moves and take several seconds to complete this step.
  3. When the penis is stretched, stay in this position for 10 to 15 seconds.
  4. Let the penis go and take a 30-second break relaxing the body.
  5. Repeat the stretching process from the beginning four times.

When you have completed four horizontal stretches, you may take a minute to have a rest. Gently massage the penis for the blood to come back to its head. If you feel that the penile head is a bit numb or cold, don’t worry – this is normal. It can occur as the blood circulation in the penis is limited for a short period. Massaging the phallus will restore the blood flow to its head and eliminate the symptoms.

When the blood circulation is fully regained, continue extending the penis as described below.

Multi-Directional Penis Stretching


Stretching the manhood in different directions can help men apply equal stress and pressure to all areas of the fundiform and suspensory ligaments:

How to perform multi-directional stretching
  1. Grasp the penis with the hand as in basic penis stretches.
  2. Pull the penis upwards – directly towards the face – so you feel no discomfort or pain.
  3. Keep stretching the penis in such a position for 10 to 15 seconds.
  4. Take a 30-second break and allow the penis to relax.
  5. Repeat upward stretches three times.
  6. Take a minute to massage the penis and restore blood circulation in it.

When the upward set is performed, you should do 4 downward stretches, 4 left and 4 right stretches following the same process and time limits. Don’t forget to take a one-minute break and massage the penis before you continue with another set. You should make 20 sets in total to complete the exercise that usually takes 12 to 15 minutes.

Please remember that doing penis stretching exercises requires extending your manhood to the comfortable and painless limits – don’t try to rip it off.

You should feel certain tension at the base of your penis and avoid any stretches that make you feel pain. You should listen to your body and determine these comfort limits for yourself.

If you fail to make a firm grip around the head of your penis or hold it long enough to complete the stretch, you can take a small towel and wrap your penile head with it. This allows you to grasp the phallus firmly and apply strong force.

Such short but intense stretches (in contrast to other penis enlargement methods, including penis pumps) allow controlling the blood circulation within the phallus, restoring it when needed and avoiding any possible injuries and damage.

Penis Stretching Recommendations


Quick note
Penis stretching exercises are primarily developed for men to increase the penis in length.

You can do the activities in a sitting or stand position – it doesn’t matter. You should feel comfortable during the whole process.

You should avoid grasping the head of your penis as it can cause risks and injuries. The glans penis appears to be the most sensitive part of the body and must be treated correctly. You can grasp your phallus in any other place. The most popular one is one inch below the head as it leads to the lowest skin stretch.

You should pull your penis forward, upward, downward, to the left or right hard enough to extend penile tissues and ligaments. Determining the golden mean will come with experience. Start with easy and gentle stretches and increase the intensity gradually – in a few weeks.

You can experience different feelings when extending your penis (except pain and discomfort). When performing the stretches, itchiness, fatigue in the penis, or slight tingling sensations can appear. If you feel any of them, it means that you are in progress. Some men report that they experience burning feelings like those in muscles when doing high-intensity body exercises.

If you feel nothing, be patient as you will notice stretching results.

The more important thing is to avoid pain and discomfort. You should stop doing exercises and reduce intensity levels immediately if you feel any.

If you strictly follow all the instructions, you won’t feel any serious side-effects. Stretching can cause red dots on the penis, but they are normal. If you experience larger rash, swelling or bruising, you should take several days to rest and allow your penis to heal. They can be caused as you have not been warmed up well.

You should extend the penis when it is flaccid for the first 3 to 6 months. Stretching an erect penis can be risky and dangerous for the beginners. You can add the advanced penis extends to increase the intensity of your workouts. Some advanced exercises can be incorporated into your routine after your body gets used to the force and pressure you apply – in several weeks to several months.

You can do the stretching exercises with your bare hands or use rubber gloves, any fabric or baby powder.

Did you know?
When you complete 20 sets of the stretches, you can continue with jelqing, which is designed to increase the penis size in girth.

Now, you are completely ready to start exercising your manhood and gaining the heights in your sex life.

With penis stretching you can also use the penis pump to achieve better results. We can recommend you Androbath.

Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

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