How To Do Jelqing Exercise Correctly


Listen, I  don’t care what jelqing exercise you follow. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by the sheer number of such exercises existence.  I don’t care if it is an upward stroke, or downward stroke, or left stroke, or right stroke, or no stroke at all.

Quick note
Any exercise that traps more and more blood inside the penis by definition qualifies as jelqing.

The idea is not to stroke against the skin. You are not building skin here. Don’t try this or you will be setting yourself up for many wasted hours or worse – an injury. What you are doing is you allow your penis to accommodate more and more blood. Every time you maximize the amount of blood inside your penis, you are pushing it to its maximum capacity.

And you cause an internal strain, which then forces the penis to adapt gradually. The Corpora’s Cavernosa walls expand, and the smooth muscle tissue inside your penis develops to accommodate more of the strain and more of the blood. Yes, I said smooth muscle tissue. While it is true that the penis is not entirely made of muscle, what muscle tissue exists inside is vital for erection size hardness.


Again the same warming rules apply before and after jelqing exercise. The focus on your warm-up should be the shaft of the penis.

Most importantly, however, is the healing that needs to take place after the jelqing exercise.

Your strained penile tissues need to be healed the sooner, the better. That way you are better prepared for the next session of jelqing exercises, minimizing injury and making the same progress in a month, that you would otherwise make it in two or three months. The idea is simple: heal quicker to built quicker.

How Do We Heal Quicker?

This takes us straight to the remaining pillars of successful penis enlargement. It should not come as a surprise to you that each of these pillars deals one way or another with an improved circulatory system.

First, your blood should be well fortified with the nutrients necessary for quicker healing:

  1. Proteins;
  2. Vitamins;
  3. Minerals;
  4. Trace minerals;
  5. Proper hydration.

All of these should be in place for your rate of healing and bring about the maximum penile growth and minimum time will suffer.

Second, your body’s pH must be alkaline or as close to it as possible.

It is well known that if the environment outside the cells is too acidic, then the cell won’t be able to expel entirely all the acidic metabolic byproducts out, leaving little room for healing nutrients to reach them even if the cells are practically surrounded by them.


The preceding two pillars are all the more vital when you take into account the fact that human blood typically loses a lot of its alkalinity and nutrients by the time it reaches our extremities such as our fingers, toes, skull, genitals and so on. This is because it spent much of its nutrients in all the other major organs and tissues on the way from the heart and the lungs to rest of the body. And this is to ensure human survival.

So if you want to make sure your penis derives much benefit from your blood alkalinity and nutrients, pay particular heat to the previous two pillars to ensure much faster healing.

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How To Do Jelqing Exercise Correctly
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Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

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