How I Live With A Small Penis Size


Hello to all who are reading my experiences of life with small penis size.

Unlike other men, who always used to be happy and with a sound mind, me, on the other hand, live a life which is completely disgraceful, and I hated myself because I think I have a small penis compared to the standard size.

Clinical facts
According to the standards that are present in different platforms, mainly on the Internet, a normal penis size after erection is around 5.6 inches.

But when I measured mine, I saw that it lacks one inch, and this had made me quite depressed.

Earlier in my teenage, I used to live in a society which had some girls living in it. It was natural that in that age attraction towards the opposite sex gets higher in everyone. Most of the girls were attracted to me, and even I was attracted to them. Small intimacies happened with those girls, but things never went beyond that, and because of that, I was unaware at that time that I have a little penis.

In my youth when I was in college, I had a relationship with a beautiful girl which went for several months. We were together and the time was going well. Kisses, hugs were common, but one-day things went beyond that.

Once I opened my pants, I felt embarrassed in front of her because my penis was small.

Pleasant intercourse with her was the need of that hour, but because of my embarrassment which I faced inside me, it did not happen, and slowly but steadily things went wrong, and we broke up as I felt I was incapable of providing her satisfaction which she needed.


After that awful experience of first intercourse of my life, things got more worst for me.

A feeling of anxiety came to my mind which was eating me, and I was incapable of leading a normal life.

Mind went into a depression mode after that, and things which I could complete, keeping my eyes shut, were not getting finished, even when I used to indulge me in that for several hours. It is impossible for me to make you understand what that feeling is which is present in my mind and is making me incapable of doing anything.

I thought to get my frustration out in front of prostitutes present in my city, but it was also a decision which had made my condition worse. I started buying medicines or supplements that are available in the market, but not a single positive result arrived, but on the other hand, I lost a lot of money. The condition in which I was at that time was very hectic, and surely I was not finding anyway which can take me out of this problem.

Three years after that incident that happened with me in my college life, I met a girl who loves me a lot and wanted to be with me for the rest of her life. In the beginning, I was ignoring her as it was uncomfortable for me to bear that pressure and surely I could not speak about these things with a girl in the beginning. Time passed and but she never lost her hope. I too started falling for her.


One day when we were out on a date, she proposed me and surely saying only one thing came to my mind. Am I capable of giving her what she wants? She felt the anxiety on my face, and she asked me what the problem is and why I am not getting into a relationship with her. Don’t know what happened to me at that time as I told her clearly what my problem is. I said that I have a small penis and I think I am incapable of providing her an important part of a relationship. She was silent for a moment, but then she told me that it was all in my mind and nothing like this happens.

She later told me to visit a psychiatrist because things that were present in my mind from all these years needed to be drained out and that was only possible by a psychiatrist.

Surely, after that, my life has changed, and for that, I thank that girl a lot who is my wife now and also a happy mother of my two children.

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How I Live With A Small Penis Size
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Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
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