How Men Feel About Their Own Penises

How men feel about their own penises

“As long as men continue to equate the size with masculinity, They will continue to feel unnecessary sexual anxiety.”

Christopher Kilmartin (2000)

Data from an online survey of 25,594 heterosexual men aged 18-65. Participants were asked to report the size of their penis, how satisfied they are with their size, and whether they are concerned about showing their body to the partner.

  1. 55% – the number of men who reported being very satisfied with the size of a penis.
  2. 45% – the number of the man who wished that said penis was larger.
  3. 0.2% – the number of men who wish that their penis was smaller.
  4. 66% – the number of men who told that their penis was average size.

Men’s rate of penis size satisfaction by body type:

  1. 62 – underweight;
  2. 60 – healthy weight;
  3. 55 – overweight;
  4. 45 – obese.

In all age groups, about the same number of men were satisfied with their penises (54-58%), suggesting that men do not necessarily become more confident in their size as they age.

  1. 36% – among man the study authors deemed very tall (76-78 in.), The number who said that their penis is large.
  2. 12% – among man the study authors considered to be very short (62-64 in.), the number who said that their penis is large.
  3. 15% – among man who reported having a small penis, the number who said they avoid undressing in front of their partner.
Did you know?
Among heterosexual women survived, most (84%) were satisfied with their partner’s penis (14% desired larger, 2% wanted smaller).
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Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

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