Best Penis Extenders 2023, that are Medically Approved and Safe


Is Male Enhancement Necessary for Better Sex?

While some people claim that penis size matters for sexual performance, others argue that it depends on the techniques used during the intercourse. Though for women sexual performance is much more important, men who have a bigger penis are usually more confident. So to overcome any sexual shortcomings, it makes sense to use various male enhancement products.

These products are plenty and easily available in today’s 2018 market. In fact, the most convenient option would be to purchase them on online web stores where one’s identity is discreet, and the packaging provided is such that people can’t guess what’s in.

What are the Types of Products You Can Use? Choose the Right Product!

Though there are several products, and new ones keep coming, it makes sense to pick a product that you are most comfortable using. Some most popular products are:

Penis enhancement pumps


The pump is placed over the male organ, and then it uses suction to pull blood more towards it and causes blood to vessels to expand. Make sure you use these correctly with the instructions provided so that there is no damage.

Penis Enlargement Extenders


Did you know?
Penis enlargement extenders are used throughout the world in 2023. These are the safest ways for male enhancements.

The technique used is different than enhancement pumps, and relatively less tension level is applied to the shaft of the penis. The ligaments increase in size gradually and the function in a way that enhances your sex life. We can recommend the Hydromax X-Series.

Sex toys

Using various adult toys with vibration can give you pleasure and increase your stamina as you use the device several times in a short time.

These are just some of them; there are many other male enhancers too!

Quick note
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It is recommended that you compare the best products like penis extenders and penis pumps to understand their pros and cons and finally decide the suits you need.

The product that you choose must be something that offers the perfect solution based on what you need. The best thing about these products is that they are improving each day as manufacturers come with new and better formulas that give the best results to their clients.

Some manufacturers also provide enhancement packages that have devices and CDs of exercises to be performed to enhance the sexual experience and improve the self-confidence of the user of the device or product.

Also, look for features such as warranty and money back guarantee on such products are genuine.

Cost of the Extender

One of the most important factors one considers while buying the enhancements is the cost. The penis extenders come at various prices. So compare different items and see what they offer at a given price. Don’t go for devices that are too cheap, as they might be a scam and you will end up wasting your money.

Have a better sex life by using penis stretchers!

hello, guys I’m really excited to tell you about the best penis extenders you can see my own collection. Yes I have spent a lot of time to choose those penis extenders to learn how do they work and I’ve spent a lot of time trying each and every one on myself so in this video I’m going to tell you about the best penis extender as a medical blogger and as a user and I’ve got results with all these penis extenders this is a vacuum adhesive device Phallosan Forte and this is the Phallosan Forte Plus plus this penis extender work together it’s a vacuum adhesive device and this is a rod penis extender and all together this is a mixed type of device we’ve got Male Edge I don’t know why this penis extender is so popular we have PeniMaster Chrome this is the first Peniaster penis extender this is rod based extender it’s really unique I consider this device as one of the best classical type device rod penis extender that is really soft and gentle to your penis it’s high quality it is a Penimaster PRO complete set package just look at this device and in this package we have rod penis extender we have Penimaster PRO basic system this is a vacuum pear and this is a road construction you can see the quality of this road metal steel medical type of device SizeGenetics this is the first penis extender that appeared on the market almost 20 years ago it’s made by DanaMedic this is a Quick Extender Pro this is my favorite device it’s really small and lightweight I’ve got two different packages here I’ve got tons of additional accessories foam pads memory foam pads and even a penis pump that is included in the Quick Extender Pro maximum package. If you decided to choose the best penis extender it’s really important to understand that there are two different types of penis extenders vacuum adhesive devices and additionally Rod system that is attached to this vacuum adhesive device so it’s it’s a mixed type and second type is Rod penis extender like Penimaster Chrome like Male Edge like Jes extender, Pro extender by the way this is the same as Sizegenetics is the same as Jes extender and Pro extender all similar even Quick Extender Pro that has a DSS system double strap support system you can attach two silicone tubes to it but before that you take this memory foam pad this is my favorite foam pad two types of extenders First Type vacuum adhesive devices like Penimaster PRO you see that you have to insert your penis head into this basic system and second type is Rod extender like Sizegenetics you can see this is a rubber strap and this is a silicone tube you can choose one of this method so first of all you need to know that vacuum adhesive devices like the Phallosan Forte and like Penimaster PRO are really soft and gentle to your penis this belt system you can wear this device under the shoulder hips and knee. Penis extenders help to enlarge the penis and help to straighten it any of these penis extenders work to straighten your penis but for example Sizegenetics has its own curvature and peyronies package and Quick Extender Pro also has its own peyronies and curvature package. Vacuum adhesive devices are really soft and gentle just look at Phallosan Forte this penis ring is absolutely soft and gentle this belt is amazing really soft those membranes those condoms you apply this membrane you insert your penis in the condom so your penis head head is over here in this Bell you create vacuum with this small vacuum pump you can see the tension scale and you can decide which tension you want to use there are a lot of different accessories a lot of different membranes but if you’re talking about fast results it’s really important to choose the rod strap penis extender like Penimaster Chrome I recommend to choose Quick Extender Pro. Sizegenetics this is a rod penis extender, Male Edge then Jes extender, PROextender same extenders. What are the pros and cons of vacuum adhesive devices and rod penis extenders vacuum adhesive devices are more comfortable you can wear those devices for even six hours a day without any pain or any discomfort you can also sleep with this device. You can’t sleep with any Rod penis extender because you see those metal Parts hard plastic parts and it can contact with your penis and you can’t wear this device more than one hour without any break your penis can slip out of this device. Penis head cannot sleep out from Phallosan Forte or Penimaster Pro belt system but you can also use a mixed type if you have decided which type of penis extender you want to use there are different goals which one from these two is better well let’s compare those two devices Phallosan Forte has attention scale and it’s really useful you can download a special APP, it helps to create your own routine and follow your routine. Those penis extenders Penimaster PRO and Phallosan Forte actually are different you have to create vacuum with this pear for Phallosan Forte you create vacuum with this small pump over here so these devices and the Technologies are different same thing you create vacuum to hold the penis head inside this vacuum chamber Phallosan Forte has different size of bells. Measure your penis and decide which kind of bell you choose there’s only one way to apply the device. PeniMaster Pro can be weared over the hips, shoulder or knee there is no tension scale if we’re talking about additional rod extender that comes with the package of the Penimaster PRO package the Phallosan Forte plus those systems are almost similar but Penimaster PROPro Rod extender is much more convenient. My advice to you is to buy Penimaster PRO you can buy separately belt version separately the rod extender. Quick Extender Pro is the best Rod penis extender if we’re talking about classic version of penis extender that is called Sizegenetics you can look at this device so rods they look quality that’s how you build the device that’s how it works you have to choose strap or silicon tube this strap isn’t really soft if you compare with Penny Master Chrome you will see the huge difference because this one is much softer the comfort you need a lot of accessories Sizegenetics is the same as Jes extender here as you can see they’re all the same it’s all about the Comfort because when we’re talking about a rod penis extenders you can feel your penis uncomfortable if you use Sizegenetics I also recommend to buy Band-Aid by the way you can use Band-Aid with Penimaster Chrome you can use with a Jes extender with pro extender even with Male Edge it helps to secure your penis head and it feels more comfortable so you can wear the device longer Penimaster Chrome classic version and I recommend you to look at Quick Extender Pro both devices are really powerful safe they have tons of accessories Penimaster Chrome has its own clip-on system put on and take off the device really fast and easy Phallosan Forte and Penimaster Pro both devices are made in Germany customize the device according to your penis size and it will switch you the best I can use Penimaster Chrome much longer than Sizegenetics or Jes extender or Male Edge it has a nice number of rows to customize the device it has its own clip-on systems if we compare those two devices which one is better so I think Quick Extender Pro is better because it has a lot of accessories and it has double strap support system what is this system double strap support is this marketing no it’s really useful you won’t have any bacterial infections it’s lightweight if you can wear it longer you can get faster results just look at the amount of different silicone tubes in the kit look at the amount of those foam pads you also can get memory foam pads they are so nice and gentle additional Springs they are small rods medium rods and large rods I use it daily I’ve got the most of the results trust me I tried those penis extenders the cheapest package of Quick extender Pro is better than SizeGenetics just standard my favorite devices are Phallosan Forte Penimaster PRO, Penimaster Chrome and Quick Extender Pro. I could just buy only one device and it will be effective so Sizegenetics is the same as Jes extender and Pro extender all the same if we’re talking about Male Edge it’s really unique but why this system is all in one so you don’t have to assemble it. you can customize this device according to your penis size it’s like a toy you know for kids let’s talk about Road systems inside the Phallosan Forte and Penimaster Pro if you take Phallosan Forte Plus you can see that this is a road system really high quality what can you see the Phallosan Forte plus will not be suitable for men with a wide penis and this device will be suitable for everyone so that’s why I don’t really recommend to buy plus version honestly argument used Penimaster Pro complete set belt expander system and Road extender system both can be used effectively the best penis extender in the category of vacuum adhesive devices is Penimaster Pro if we’re talking about rod penis extenders the best is Quick Extender Pro this is a limited deluxe package you can get a penis pump inside it looks limited package and you’ve got a lot of different accessories so this is the best penis extender it’s not expensive and I think it’s the most effective I left links to detailed reviews of every device mentioned it in this video thumbs up this video if you like it and watch my other videos to learn more about each and every product presented here thank you.



Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

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