Does Penis Pump Really Work?

penis pump

If you want to know if the penis pump works, you have to see how the penis works.

Quick note
The corpus of the penis is made up of three columns of tissue. The two corpora cavernosas and a corpus spongiosum.


The purpose of the penis pump is to pump blood into the penis. As the blood fills up the Corpora Caevernosas, the columns stretch. The  Corpora Caevernosa is the spongy tissue that fills with blood as it flows through the penis arteries. When the brain gives the signal for an erection, the penile veins begin to close, trapping the blood in the Corpora Caevernosa. The Corpora Caevernosa is getting larger as it holds the blood trap by the closing of the penile veins. The  Corpora Caevernosa has enlarged and is pressing against the walls of the penile shaft. Causing the erection. It is also helping to close the penile veins trapping the blood into the penis.

When you are using a penis pump, you would want to pump until your penis is enlarged.  Hold the pressure for two to three seconds. Then release the pressure and repeat.

penis pump

By doing repetitions of this, over time the columns will expand. And as the columns enlarge, you whole penis will get bigger. After your workout, you will see that your penis is bigger that it was before you started to pump. This is the temporary effect. However, if you do this for four or more weeks, you will see permanent gains in both your length and girth.

Working out your penis is like working out your muscle. You need to work out and stretch the columns in the penis.

Clinical facts
People have gained 30% to their penis size after using penis pumps.

So does penis enlargement pump work? Indeed, it does.

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Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

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