Penis Pump Results that You Can Achieve in 24 Hours [Before/After]


In men, the general problem of erection exists. One has to find how they can rectify this issue. Having an erection for happy sexual life is crucial. There are some exercises which can improve the erection of guys.

These days there are some penis enlargement supplements like VigRx Plus and hydro pumps which aid in erection and penis length. No more people have to suffer because of these problems.

They can consult the doctor or make use of the online resources to get some of the best solutions for themselves. You can have a better sex life because of the water pumps which are available in the market.

One of the safest ways is to make use of the hydro penis pumps Bathmate and Penomet which are available in the market. They are easily accessible. It is one of the most reliable methods also. In this review, you can find that guys get a stronger erection and get a much bigger penis than before (1-4 inches).

It is easy to get an erection and enlarge your penis using these pumps. You can get the results in less than 15 minutes.

Quick note
You have several choices of penis pumps from which you can make the selection – Bathmate Hydromax, Hercules or Penomet.

Find Proper Solutions to The Erection


If you are facing problems in your sexual life, then make use of the techniques which are easier and provide better sexual results. You can get massive results due to the penis pumping.

There are different types of penis pumps which are available in the market. They are:

  1. Electrical pumps,
  2. Hydro pumps,
  3. Air pumps.

These pumps have a different method of usage. Whichever type of pump you choose you to need to learn the usage. It is not essential that all the pumps would be comfortable to use, especially vacuum and electrical pumps. Choose one of the hydro pumps to make your penis enlargement safe, comfortable and effective.

There are certain things that you should do to choose the right device.

You should measure the size of your penis to decide whether the electrical pump is better or whether air pump or whether water pump is better for you.

Then, you also need to understand what your problem is and what solution you are looking for. Are you looking for improving your erections or are you looking for straightening your penis? What is your goal?

Do you want to enhance the size of your penis and get fast penis pump results? For all this you need to do is to look for a penis pump. With the help of the penis pumping method, you can have a better erection, increase the size and also straighten your penis size.

The best penis pumping method

 As there are different pumps, you can choose the 2019 vacuum pump, like AndroVacuum, for erection and penis enlargement. This is the pump which is used in the shower and the bath. This leads to better enhancement of penis and harder erections.  

How to Use the AndroVacuum Penis Pump

It is straightforward to use the  AndroVacuum penis pumps.

How to use Androvacuum
There is a plastic tube, so you need to push your penis inside the plastic tube and try to create a vacuum inside the tube. In some of the penis pumps, there is a handball provided at the back; you can squeeze the handball also to create a vacuum. 

You need to wait for a minute and pump again so that you can maintain the pressure inside. Now once you have re-pumped, you can remove the pump and massage your penis. This helps to increase the flow of the blood to these areas and therefore the size of the penis increases.

This is the entire process which you need to repeat for at least three to five times depending upon the requirement and growth of the penis in the person. Therefore at the end of this, you can find useful results from using this pump.

It takes not more than fifteen minutes to have positive results by using the  AndroVacuum pump. No more you need to suffer from problems of erection. The better techniques are found in the market which makes it easier for those who are looking for erection.

How Safe is Your Penis Pump and How It Is Better Option


Did you know?
You can use the pump just before having sex. In such a case you need to have a rubber ring, which you can put at the base of the penis. This ring helps to have an erection for a longer time so that you can enjoy the sex for a longer duration.

But using the ring for very long can turn out to be very dangerous. Say for not more than thirty minutes you should have the ring because it curbs the blood flow.

Therefore for the erection or growing the size of the penis the AndroVacuum pump is the better option.  When you use the pump, learn how to use it effectively, make certain that there is a comfort pad in the pump, and it is crucial to take a shower with warm or hot water before using the pump.

Ensure that you learn how to use it and also make certain that you slowly increase the vacuum power inside the tube and do not improve it drastically.

Follow the techniques correctly while using the AndroVacuum pump.

Use the pump once in a day and if you are a beginner then do not use it for more than two or three times in a week.

This is one of the safest ways to have a better sexual relationship with the partner.

Instead of suffering from the problems of erection, make use of the techniques and tools which are safe to use and have better results for you. Next time when you would have sex with your partner, both of you would feel satisfied due to the utilization of sex tools such as penis pumps.

There are different types of pumps which are available in the market. Get quality pumps as it is about your health aspects. Do not overuse or exert yourself. Learn the proper techniques for the same!

Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

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