Pros and Cons of Different Penis Enlargement Methods

Today I want to tell you about two of the most popular methods of penis enlargement: penis pump, penis extender, and weights.

 Penis Pump



  1. The effect is achieved instantly.


  1. A strong darkening of the penis skin;
  2. The growth is small; it can only be achieved by a temporary gain strengthening of an erection;
  3. Long-term use can cause swelling of the penis and a temporary reduction of erection;
  4. It is one of the most traumatic methods are not recommended for beginners.

It is the most controversial technique, the majority of men don’t gain any results with a penis pump.

When you use penis pump every day, and for a long period, the skin will darken because of the microscopic hemorrhages, penis swells and becomes less rigid at an erection.

Almost all the penis pumps, which are sold on the Internet for penis enlargement,  is not intended for this. Do not start your training with the purchase of the penis pump. Otherwise, you will quickly give up on the idea of penis enlargement, and in the worst case will harm your health.

 You should choose only high-quality products like Penomet penis pump. 

Penis Extender, Jelqing, Weights


Penis extender is an apparatus for penis stretching.

Jelqing is the handedly manual massage of the penis.

Weights – a method in which the penis is stretched by the hanging weights.

I combined these three methods of penis enlargement because they work on the same principle – stretch the penis for a long time.

Did you know?
Prolonged stretching can not only extend the soft tissue but also change the length and shape of the bones.

The same principle is used for thousands of years in traditional cultures of Africa and Asia to give a specific form of the soft tissues of the ears, lips, nose, penis and even for the extension of the neck. The principle of stretching has been known for a long time, and it gives almost guaranteed the result.

So what method to choose: jelqing, penis extender or weights? The speed of results depends on how long the penis will be stretched condition.

Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

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