Penis Pumps Tumblr and Reddit Posts Review

“Is my penis small?” This is a common question on Reddit and Tumblr

You will not hear this question from your friend, colleague or partner. But doctors face this question behind the closed doors very often. Fathers ask this question about their sons or – when nobody can hear – about themselves at Tumblr


Hundreds of men who worry about their penis sizes usually try to find any other reason to visit a healthcare provider. When the toy comes a doctor’s examining room, they tell all their concerns and – just by the way – they pretend not to care about their little buddy:

“Oh, can you have a look at my penis? I am afraid it is too small.”

I constantly read such questions on many Tumblr sites and Reddit, which men create every day. Most men who are concerned with the length of their manhood are 20 to 40 years old. But sometimes men aged 40 to 50 or older may ask about it. Despite these embarrassments, I have good news: almost all of these men have an average size of the penis. As we get a lot of e-mail spam, see tens of advertisements and watch a great number of videos where porn stars boast their huge manhood, we think that this size is normal, and we have a small one.

It is normal for people to long for better appearance and life, but this causes you to worry and feel embarrassed. And you should not.

What Is The Best Penis Pump

Penis size is an essential aspect of the men’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Thousands of men are alarmed about their little buddies. Though they may think that their manhood is small, most of them underestimate their real sizes and opportunities.


Clinical facts
A survey in an Italian hospital for surgical correction where participated 67 guys showed that all of them considered their penises small. However, all of them appeared to have an average size.

Hundreds of men spend hours in taking measurements of their phallus thinking it can lack some length while they are normal and require no enlargement.

Many forum posts on Reddit and Tumblr show, that penis pumps actually work, but the results are different

And it is not a surprise as almost 50% of men wants to increase their manhood in length. And it is contrary to 85% of women who are entirely satisfied with their sexual activity and partners’ penis parameters.

Yes, a lot of men worry about the size of their penis, they worry about the hardness of their erections, they worry about how their little buddies look when they are erect. So, let’s try to calm our men down and try to find out how it is possible to define the size of your penis. And remember that the size of your shoes or the form of your nose has nothing to do with it.

Measuring Your Penis

Did you know?
If you take measurements of your penis when it is erect, you are wrong.

This state involves too many variables. SPL is considered to be the most accurate and reliable penis measurement. SPL means the stretched penis length. The longer SPL you have, the longer your erect penis will be. This is confirmed by a study with erection-stimulating penis injections where young men have volunteered to participate.


To define your SDL, you should measure your penis when it is in a flaccid state. Take a ruler and press it tightly against the pubic bone at the base of the phallus. Please do not start taking measurements at the place where your penis meets the scrotum. In such a case, you will lose 0.25 in or more in length. Now, take your penis gently and extend it as much as it is possible (do not cause pain). Start measuring from the pubic bone to the end of the stretched penis.

Quick note
Is your length five and a quarter inches? Then, you have a standard penis size.

The statistics of Lane S. Palmer, MD, pediatric urologist, the chief of the pediatric urology department at Cohen Children’s Medical Center, say that the majority of men have a half inch less or more. Almost all penis size studies show the same results.

If you are a bit shorter, don’t trouble your head about the head. The number of men who are below an average size equals to the number of those who are above it.

Palmer’s statistics demonstrate that only 0.6% of men have 6.8 inches or more in SPL. But having a large penis doesn’t mean that it is good.

When a Penis Is Small



We should face that truth that despite positive statistics, very small penises do exist. In terms of medicine, this condition is called, “micropenis.”

Clinical facts
It is observed in 0.6% of men. Palmer’s statistics state that the penis with SPL of 3.6 in is considered as a micropenis.

Micropenis is not a condition that is discovered when a man is an adult. It usually results from genetic abnormalities, hormonal imbalance or more serious health dysfunction during an early period of life.

The penis starts its development when a fetus is eight weeks old. By the 12th week, the phallus is developed and continues growing. In the second and third trimesters, male hormones work stimulating the penis to achieve normal size. Any factors disrupting the hormonal balance during pregnancy prevent the growth of the penis.

If micropenis is discovered in infancy, testosterone therapy can help treat this condition by stimulating the phallus to enlarge in childhood and even after puberty. It is proven that this treatment method is safe and effective and does not affect adequate development at puberty.

When it is easy to combat with the micropenis in childhood, adult men have fewer options. Doctors say that there are not many men can do to enhance their penile health. You may use a penile prosthesis as a variant.


In the USA, doctors do not recommend surgeries for men with SPL longer than three inches. This method is dangerous, risky, and controversial.

Fortunately, a micropenis is the rarest condition under the umbrella of the definition “inconspicuous penis.” It occurs more often.

Inconspicuous Penis

The inconspicuous penis is a penis, which is difficult to see. This condition can be caused by a short shaft of the penis (micropenis), prepubic adiposity, trapped penis after adhesions or others.


In addition to micropenis, inconspicuous penis also includes such forms of the deformed phallus as webbed penis and buried penis. They also may remain untreated until adulthood.

The webbed penis is a condition when the scrotum is connected to the underside of the penis, and its skin covers the ventral penile shaft. The penis takes right angles to the scrotum, while, in the webbed penis, it is not clear where it is separated from the scrotum. The treatment of such a condition depends on abnormalities causing it. The faster it is treated, the better it is for a patient. The webbed penises can be corrected via surgery.

Buried penis is a condition when the penis is partially or entirely hidden under the surface of the skin. Causes usually include excessive belly fats, morbid obesity, or penile injury. It can also occur when there is no connection to the scrotum, and the penis is hidden in the pelvis. Men are recommended to undergo a weight loss program or liposuction to unbury the penis though it may take a lot of time. They may also choose surgical treatment to combat this condition.


Small Penis Syndrome by Tumblr

Quick note
Small penis syndrome is the anxiety of having a tiny penis when in fact, its size is normal.

This is really rare according to the discussion volume on Tumblr and Reddit

It is common for men to worry about the size of their little buddies though most of them have no real grounds. This embarrassment can be caused by the lack of knowledge. Most men have no idea what an adequate penis should be. When surveyed, the majority of participants gave wrong answers, and only 15% said they did not know.


Pornography and advertisement on Tumblr give another reason for men to worry. Thousands of teenagers and adult men all over the world watch porn videos where its stars have penises of enormous sizes. Different e-mail spam and booklets also show us men with a huge manhood. This distorts the real picture of normal male anatomy.

Penis size is an important part of a male body and men’s body image. Therefore, a lot of guys who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder often concentrate on the size of their phalluses.

Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental disorder when a patient has the symptoms of a medical disease which cannot be explained by physical disorder in full. Psychiatric disorders that can give a raise to small penis syndrome may require professional medical aid. However, some doctors say that in most cases men need only reassurance that their bodies have no defects.


Doctors should have a look at a physical state and review a personal and social history of a patient. If he has no health problems, he has a normal penis that does not differ from any other men. Doctors should give more confidence and belief.

The law of averages suggests some deviations. So, if your phallus is a bit shorter or longer than average size, it does not mean that it is problematic. If your phallus functions properly and shows no failure, you should recognize that you have a normal penis. You should adapt to your anatomy and believe that you are the best. High confidence is what you need.

Can Surgery Help Increase Penis Size?

When you open your e-mail spam or a men’s magazine, it is hard not to see penis enlargement supplements, devices or surgical interventions, which offer to make your manhood large, full, and firm as never before. But it is spam that usually does not work but takes your money. So, is there any safe and effective way to enlarge the penis?

All these herbal supplements and devices will not make your manhood longer.

They work by stimulating more blood to flow to your genitalia. This allows enhancing your erections or correcting penile curvature.

There are a few ways, which can help increase your penis in length. If you undergo surgery, there is not a lot of space to enlarge your phallus, but it may cause serious complications. Lots of these methods are discussed on Tumblr and Reddit sites, you can read these conversations between real customers


In surgery, you may choose between lengthening phalloplasty to increase your length by releasing the suspensory ligament, and augmentative phalloplasty to enlarge your penis in circumference by grafting fat from another part of your body and injecting it into the phallus. The last one can add a half of an inch to your flaccid length.

Did you know?
A man can usually see only one-third of his penis that is connected with ligaments and functions as the leverage for sexual function. The other two-thirds are hidden inside.

When lengthening your phallus, these tendons are cut that helps release an additional inch or two of your penis.

When some inside part of the penis is removed or released, it can impair erectile function.  So, the unsatisfactory length of your phallus can cause weak erections and, thus, poor sexual performance. Some patients would like to put everything back as it was.

Phalloplasty is unpredictable and often causes adverse outcomes, including a lumpy penis, erectile dysfunction, urinary problems, penis shortening, scarring, sexual dysfunction, and penile curvature. And there is no way to correct these resulting def ofects.

All these surgical procedures are considered to be experimental today. They are the fastest though the most dangerous and hardest way. Due to high risks and complication rates, insurance rarely covers penis enlargement procedures.

Can Traction Devices Increase Penis Size? Tumblr proves


A penile traction device is, first and foremost, designed for men to treat penile curvature or Peyronie’s disease. However, men report that traction devices may add an inch or more to the length of the penis.

But to achieve any gains, you should spend a lot of time and efforts wearing this equipment. Most people have not so much time or patience and quit the procedure before they can see any positive changes.

Vacuum devices can help men make their erections harder and firmer and treat erectile dysfunction. But they do not work to increase your penis length. You can try Bathmate Originals penis pump.

Can Regenerative Medicine Increase Penis Size?


Regenerative medicine is an area of high interest, deep research, and promising possibilities. Scientists have succeeded to grow animal penises in laboratory conditions by seeding scaffolds with the own cells of the animals. Also, they have managed to transplant these penises.

In Beijing, China, a group of researchers reported using a similar method in treating 69 men suffering from small penis syndrome. In these cases, they developed the tissues from the patients’ scrotal skin and transplanted into the penises to increase them in circumference.

Regenerative medicine has endless opportunities. Perhaps, this option will be able to help men in the future. However, it has not much to offer today for our patients who desire to see positive changes right now.

Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

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