The Truth About Penis Enlargement Exercises


You have probably a hundred of times heard or seen advertisements like “enlarge your penis by 5 centimeters in just two weeks.” It sounds attractive, of course, but unreal. It is just a marketing, which bears only a desire to earn a lot of money on the people’s ignorance. To increase the penis by 5 centimeters, you may need about a year of training. It is better to prepare right away that you will have to work on future results, and not just fantasize about wanted.

Penis enlargement can be compared with a workout in the gym. Only the constant exercising will lead to the achievement of the goal. If you do not do anything, or is exercising too rarely, you will remain in the same position as before the start of training, i.e., stay without results.

Many men are afraid that if they stop doing penis enlargement exercises, then the results will decrease.

Did you know?
The penis enlargement results are remained in the long-term perspective except for certain cases.

Let’s look at this situation. You are no longer doing penis enlargement exercises. Will you penis size decrease? If you have normal sexual life, sometimes you masturbate, and you do have an erection at night and in the morning, then you can be sure in the constancy of achieved results. When you have an erection, the smooth penis muscles are trained.


Of course, your penis will not get bigger through stable erections. But you will exactly achieve consolidating of the results.

And now let’s talk about exceptions. If you have an erection are very rarely, then the results obtained through the training may be reduced, but they will not disappear completely. By the way, to help stabilize the situation can fixing exercises designed to reduce the penis exercises’ load gradually. In this way, you can save your progress for a long time.

Are penis enlargement exercises harmful to your health? It is misleading.

Quick note
Penis enlargement exercises can bring great benefit: your penis will become longer and thicker, it will be easier to achieve an erection, and it will remain longer than before.

Exercises will improve blood circulation in the pelvis and genitals. So you can be sure that your sexual health is fully protected. Performing penis exercises will lead to obvious improvements in your sexual life. You and your partner will be getting a lot more satisfaction. Now you can be sure that you can fully satisfy your partner. Your orgasms will be more powerful and intense.

The myth about the harm of penis enlargement exercises could occur because men went too far in training and overloaded their penis. You shouldn’t train too much because it can lead to short-term problems with erection. Then the erection would come back again when the penis rests from the heavy physical stress.

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The Truth About Penis Enlargement Exercises
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Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

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