How To Use Vacuum and Hydro Penis Pumps

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A penis pump is a device designed for men to treat erectile dysfunction(ED) and increase the size of the penis in both length and circumference. Such devices work by creating a vacuum inside a plastic or glass cylindrical tube around the penis.

How to use water-based pumps
Water-based penis pumps like Bathmate and Penomet create balanced pressure inside the tube to enlarge your penis by 1-4 inches gently and effectively at the same time. This process allows expanding penile tissues that result in new cells which enlarge the penis. The penis is encouraged to remain in such a condition for a prolonged period of time, and the growth gains can be permanent. You can visit the official Bathmate or Penomet store.

TOP RATED penis pumps in 2018

#1. Bathmate Hydromax [1 250 000 customers]

 Brief statistics: 

# of customers: 1 250 000
DX Products Ltd (UK)
First results: 2-14 days
Maximum results: 180 days
Minimum penis growth:
1 inch
Maximum penis growth:
4.5 inches
How to use: 15 min. every day
Official store:

Why choose Bathmate?

This is the best water based pump. 

The Bathmate Hydromax pump works by applying constant pressure to your penis resulting in micro-tears in the penile tissue and stimulating your body to produce new cells to create new tissue in the phallus.

Bathmate is an entirely new technology that never before existed for penis pumping. Because of this new technology, it’s a smart pump to choose.

The fundamental principle revolves around a vacuum that works in conjunction simultaneously to drain water from the pump which is initially filled the flask. The generated pressure causes the penis tissues to stretch and the blood fills the cavernous tissues, creating the maximum erection.

It also makes your penis bigger and your erection lasts incredibly long. But the main thing that makes it stand out from other penis pumps is that Bathmate allows you to fix your results and make them permanent. Visit the Bathmate website for more information.

Comparison of Bathmate with Vacuum Pumps

Quick note
The technology of penis pumping works with water much better than with air. Physicians have determined that water softens the effect of stretching the penis and softens micro traumas while creating a vacuum.

By doing this to go along with any stretching of the tissues, micro-traumas are healed and overgrown. But in the case of water, it happens much faster, and at the same time, so you absolutely cannot injure your penis at all.

Bathmate’s blocks any possibility of overdoing it with its use. Its technologies provide safe use of the pump. That is not the case with vacuum pumps, which must be used very carefully.

The effect is much lighter and usually disappears after a while. Bathmate is now sold around the world, with over a million satisfied customers.

That’s because it helps to enlarge the penis and set up a firm erection, plus if you feel that your penis is excited too slowly and the erection falls right during sex you can correct it. 

How to Choose the Right Bathmate Pump

The Bathmate range includes three types of pumps: Hydro7 Original , Hydromax (5,7,9 and Wide Boy) and HydroXtreme 5,7,9,11. We will not publish tables with dimensions here and go into details of the choice of pump.
Where to buy
You can find those details on the official website. There you can pick up the pump according to the size of your penis and determine the model. As a doctor, I can only advise you on what may be most helpful to you.

The first lineup is called Hydro7 Original (formerly called Hercules) is the easiest to use. It’s a relatively inexpensive option at the cost of $110. It is suitable only for those men whose penis size initially does not exceed 7 inches. Such a pump copes well with its purpose of enlarging the penis.

But if you want to engage in penis pumping more effectively, I recommend buying a model X-Series Hydromax, which suits you in size.

This pump is 35% more efficient and comfortable, and its cost is only $29 higher at $139.

In order not to dig too deep into the peculiarities of pumps, I will say that for a beginner, you can safely buy the model Hydro7 Original or any pump from the Hydromax lineup. For more experienced men who are not first-time users of penis pumps, the most efficient and suitable option for them will be the HydroXtreme model.

 That is not only a more efficient pump than Hydromax but also is suitable even for those men whose penis size is 11 inches. This series is more expensive than previous ones, but it can give you additional progress in matters of penis enlargement. 

After all, many men do not want to stop there, and for them the enlargement of the penis by 3-4 sizes is normal. The cost of HydroXtreme models starts at $249Choose your Bathmate pump here.

Compare hydro penis pumps

If compared with another hydro pump called Penomet, Bathmate benefits from the fact that it is not necessary to change the attachments of the pump, which are responsible for the intensity of the pumping and its effectiveness.

Bathmate has already made sure that the pump you selected can be both for beginners and experienced users equally. Also, Bathmate wins at a price if you compare the basic versions of the device.

Medical fact
As for comfort, the pumps show approximately the same results. It should be noted that Bathmate offers of all its product line including Hydro7 Original, Hydromax, HydroXtreme on its official site.

Buy Bathmate now and your order will be quickly processed and sent to wherever you are in the world. The pump comes with a money back guarantee, as well as an official warranty.

#2. PENOMET [450 000 customers]

 Brief statistics: 

Customers: 450 000 
Medical Certificates: CGS(Toxin-free), RoHS(Class1)
VENUS AWARD(2013, 2014), SIGN AWARD(Best Male Enhancement Device 2013)
Warranty: 3 years
Money Back: 60 days
Manufacturer:  Arctic Sea Limited(Iceland)
First results: 5-15 days
Maximum results: 180 days
Minimum penis growth: 0.7
Maximum penis growth: 3
Price: Penomet Standard package costs $127
Official store:

What is Penomet?

Penomet is a water assistant pump that helps you to increase the pressure without any discomfort.

Did you know?
You will need only 15 minutes a day to use it effectively and add up to 3 inches to the length of your penis and 30% more girth

Penomet is unique because it has an interchangeable gaiter system, that consists of 5 gaiters. The real purpose of these different gaiters is to create a comfortable pressure and force.

The usage is safe and effective because you can control the pressure using the gaiters. Click here to learn how it works.

How to use Penomet penis pump

As a beginner, it is recommended to use the lowest strength gaiter to start. You’ll be able to increase the pressure with time to get maximum effect.  Penomet is made of medical polycarbonate plastics, a quality material for the best usage.

Quick note
If you want to make sure you’re doing everything right, just use the different video guides that are available online.

It’s recommended to change the gaiter every week to pump your penis differently. It’s possible to change the intensity as well. The base allows you to create minimal compression with maximum penis expansion at the same time.

The Penomet pump works by applying constant pressure to your penis resulting in micro-tears in the penile tissue and stimulating your body to produce new cells and create new tissue in the phallus.

Is there a difference between penis pumps?

Male enhancement opportunities are better than ever in 2018. The male enhancement industry offers an incredible variety of pumping devices which can be divided into three key categories:

 Beginners are recommended to start their pumping activity with a Penomet device. After the penis gets accustomed to pumping, it can take other gaiters. Here’s a selection of top rated penis pumps: 

How to use a hydro penis pump

If you think that a penis pump is an excellent solution, here are several simple steps that can help you use a water-based device like Bathmate Hydromax or Penomet correctly and avoid any penile injuries:

  1. Take a warm shower for 5 minutes.
  2. Fill the penis pump tube with water and choose the pressure.
  3. Insert your penis into the pump. There must be a tight seal between the pump and your body.
  4. Push the pump towards your pubic bone and start pumping. You will get a false erection because of the pressure created. Proceed with 2 intervals of penis pumping at 15 minutes each.
  5. You can remove the pump safely once you compress the main valve and release the pressure.
  6. You should reduce the pressure and let fresh blood flow to the penis every 10 to 15 minutes despite the duration of the pumping set.
Bathmate HydromaxPenomet
Benefits: Bathmate  provides a 60-day money back guarantee, with fast results and guaranteed penis growth. This clinically-approved product is easy to use, 100% safe and comes with simple instructions. 1,000,000 customers worldwide are satisfied. Click here to order Bathmate 
Penomet uses its own technology called Gaiter System that allows to increase the pressure to enlarge your penis quickly. Spend 15 minutes a day to increase your penis by 3 inches in length and 30% in girth. Click here to visit

Penis Pumping Tips

The ticket to success in penis pumping is choosing the device that is right for you. So, here is how to use penis pumps to avoid any undesired results, you should:

Select a penis pump
Take accurate penis measurements
Select a tube size
Bath or shower
If you are a beginner

Air penis pump techniques

Hydro penis pumps like Penomet and  Bathmate are the most effective penis pumps ever because they use modern technology. They are safe, effective and you can expect to see the real penis enlargement results in a few weeks.

But if you’re still using vacuum penis pumps like Androvacuum : Here are some penis pumping techniques for you:

If you aim at increasing the size of your penis with pumping devices, you should apply some techniques that can help you gain the highest expansion and enlargement:

Milking the Tube
Pulse Pumping

Penis Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction

Quick note
The pumping devices like Bathmate  are primarily used to improve erectile function in men.

As mentioned above, the Androvacuum pump creates a pressure inside the tube and stimulates more blood flow to the penis. If you are treating erectile dysfunction, you should stop the pumping process when your penis is erect. Androvacuum is the only erection enhancement pump, that was medically approved.

Air Penis Pumps Risks

Remember that long and intense vacuum penis pumping does not increase your size faster. It is a common misunderstanding that can result in serious side effects.

You should not force your penis to grow – you should gently persuade it to want to become larger.

The gradual and methodical pumping process with Androvacuum makes your manhood grow faster than intense and hard techniques. So, to avoid any risks of penis damage by an air pump, you should follow these simple recommendations:

Start with slow speed and limited time
Avoid excessive pumping
Take breaks


Penomet and  Bathmate are safe to use and efficient devices that can help men treat erectile dysfunction and increase the size of the phallus in girth and length.

If you want to buy a cheap air penis pump, it’s important to know: to gain the heights, you should choose the device with a correct cylinder size and pressure gauge.

Quick note
The best recommendation here is to use Penomet or  Bathmate . Please start slowly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for avoiding over-pumping, high-pressure levels, and other instructions for proper use. This will ensure a safe pumping process.

Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

8 thoughts on “How To Use Vacuum and Hydro Penis Pumps

  1. The penomet’s valve system is better than bathmate’s. But I feel more comfortable with my Hydromax, it’s more secure for my penis

  2. I use Bathmate hercules pump for almost 6 weeks and my erections became harder almost instantly! Right after the first usage. I measure my results every day and the first penis enlargement gains(+0.5 inch in length and +0.2 in girth) occured on the 2nd week of the pumping. I pump my penis 15-30 minutes a day in the bath. The results stayed the same another 7-10 days. I have added some jelqing exercises (5-7 mins a day) and this tactic helped me to achieve another +0.5 in just 12 days. So currently penis size is +1 inch bigger in length and + 0.5 in girth. It looks really bigger and harder at the same time. I’m sure I can do better

  3. I have gained an inch with Bathmate hydromax. This is a result of my 4 months routine. My stamina and erections have increased as well. My best advice is to use bathmate for 20 mins/day. The results will be seen after the first usage – harder and stronger erection

  4. I use medium tension for about 17 mins, but do not forget about jelqing. The results are better if you make some exercises too

  5. I definitely vote for the Bathmate Hercules pump. It’s much better than penomet, because I tried penomet too. Bathmate is more comfortable and easier to use, the results are better with bathmate. My erected penis size became bigger after 15 minutes since I inserted my penis in the tube

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