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A Comparison of Penis Enlargement Methods: Devices, Pumps, Tablets

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DENAS Therapy


Nowadays, the issue of declining male sexual vigor is resolved through various methods. A variety of tablets, pills, devices, and pumps have been invented for this purpose. But how effective are these methods?



DENAS Therapy



This category includes the use of various devices affecting the nerve endings in the male body to achieve the desired result.


 The following tools are used as part of DENAS therapy: 


    • “Electron” is a device capable of curing both impotence and prostatitis. It's used to stimulate the prostate gland with electric pulses. The course of treatment lasts two weeks; one session lasts 3-5 minutes.

    • “Ermak” is a device that influences the male reproductive system using a magnetic field and a dynamic vacuum, optimizing the cavernous tissue of the penis. As a result, the man's sexual organ grows in size.

    • “Sexoforming” is a stimulator for the perineal and pubic muscles. It works in conjunction with a computer.


The effectiveness of DENAS therapy ranges from 80% to 90%. Read more on the official website - denas-therapy.




Vacuum Pumps



There are two types of such devices: air and hydro. They create an area of negative pressure around the penis, which causes the organ to grow in length and girth. You must use the devices regularly; otherwise, the result is quick to disappear. The user can use a hydro-pumps while showering or taking a bath. Many men noticed that a period of regular pumping led to penis enlargement, libido enhancement, prolongation of sexual intercourse, and a boost in sensitivity.



Pills and Tablets




Potency enhancement and penis enlargement remedies in the form of tablets and pills can be manufactured from synthetic or natural components. In some cases, it's a product combining herbal and chemical substances for greater efficiency. You should use pills very carefully to avoid complications. Some remedies have some contraindications, so you shouldn't use them until you consult with your doctor.



Which Method Is The Most Effective?



There isn't a single answer to this question. Someone prefers pills; others opt for DENAS therapy or vacuum pumps. However, experts recommend combining all these methods to obtain the most excellent and longest-lasting result.