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Detailed review of Titan Gel

Male Reproductive Health, UCSF Urologist, urologic surgeon

Titan Gel

Many men experience emotional and physical disorders when making love for different reasons. Some of them are concerned about short-lasting erections, while the others think they are unattractive to their partner. What’s more, there is a category of men who feel inferior because of their penis size. These negative emotions proved to affect the quality of sexual life and the duration of sexual intercourse negatively. What’s worse, such concerns deprive your partners of satisfaction.

There is a great variety of products that promise to increase male potency, as well as improve erectile function and ejaculation. On the contrary, the ways to enlarge penis are much less numerous. Titan Gel is 100% effective innovative product for penis enlargement both in lengths and widths.

This product contains active components that make your penis bigger and stronger in a very short period. The way the gel works is quite straightforward and understandable for consumers. Some components stimulate blood flow to the cave tissues of the penis, which result in flesh stretching. Thus, the full course of Titan Gel may enlarge your penis up to 40% of the initial size, which equals around 7 centimeters. One more advantage of Titan Gel is that it works comprehensively. In other words, it doesn’t only enlarge your penis but also makes it more sensitive and robust. All these changes are essential prerequisites for awesome orgasms.


How to Use Titan Gel

Titan Gel is a complex product with a unique composition, which makes it outstanding. Here are the main benefits of Titan Gel:

  1. The wholesome impact that results in a bigger penis, better potency, stronger erections, unforgettable orgasms, and excellent sexual life.
  2. Natural components of plant origin are entirely harmless and don’t cause allergic reactions on the skin. Consequently, the gel has neither contradictions nor side effects.
  3. The usage of this product is straightforward and consists of the application of a small amount of the gel to the surface of the penis;
  4. The benefits of Titan Gel usage become visible after the first month or regular use.
  5. The effect of the drug persists for a long time after completion of a course;
  6. The safety and effectiveness of the gel are confirmed by the relevant quality certificates;
  7. The price of Titan Gel is rather small so that everyone can afford it.


Components and Formula

Components and Formula

People tend to think that products for penis enlargement are dangerous for health and may lead to various diseases, but they are wrong. These are just fiction stories that are not scientifically approved. Titan Gel formula has been developed by medical professionals, who selected useful natural components of plant origin to create an effective product. Here are the main active components of Titan Gel:

  1. Philodendron fruit extract increases potency and promotes better assimilation and absorption of vitamins A, B, and E. The latter positively affect the nervous system. Altogether, it contributes to better and faster transmission of nerve impulses.
  2. Bear bile stimulates the synthesis of zinc in blood, which, in its turn, has an impact on the synthesis of testosterone in the male body. It naturally boosts libido, prolongs erections and improves ejaculation.
  3. Deer musk makes the male body synthesize testosterone naturally. This hormone provides excellent quality of sexual function and a long duration of sexual intercourses. Moreover, spermatozoa become more active that leads to better sperm.
  4. Broomrape extract normalizes blood flow in the genital area, saturates blood and blood vessels with oxygen, and promotes normalization of pressure. This component is responsible for stretching and growth of the cavernous tissue of the penis, which has a direct impact on penis size. Sorcerers and healers used this element since ancient times to cure male impotence.


Does Titan Gel Work?


May men doubt the efficiency and safety of Titan Gel. However, you should leave all your fears behind. This product only contains natural components that are unable to do any harm to the male organism and the sexual function. The gel was clinically tested by medical specialists, which is approved by the appropriate certificates.


Titan Gel Results After 1 Month


Most consumers wonder how long they will have to use the product to see the expected effect. As to Titan Gel, the results become visible after a week of regular usage. To achieve the best result, you should apply Titan Gel to your penis twice a day for one month.

After that, you should make a pause of two weeks before starting the next 30-day-long course. During the second and the following courses you will have to apply the gel to your penis only once a day.

Scientific research proved Titan Gel to enlarge the penis by 4 centimeters on the average. At the same time, the maximum result may be up to 7 cm after only 30 days of usage. Everything depends on your physiological characteristics and on the fact whether you use the product correctly.

Titan gel results

Warranty and Delivery


The producer guarantees the effectiveness of the right, provided consumers use the Gel by prescribed instructions. In 98% of cases, Titan Gel brings positive and expected results.

The product is delivered from the central warehouse, which means that all clients receive their orders as quickly as possible. Moreover, the producer provides clients with a possibility to choose the most convenient way of delivery via any reliable delivery company. Titan Gel is delivered to more than 20 countries, so, everyone can try this product.


The Competitive Ability of Titan Gel


Penis enlargement products stand for a significant segment of the world market. However, there are not many of those that assure such high effectiveness as Titan Gel does. The reason for this is the synthetic compositions of the majority of those products. Consequently, Titan Gel analogs are somewhat ineffective and even dangerous. What's more, they only give temporary results that last no more than one month.

If you apply Titan Gel every day for 30 days, the result will be safe for your male health and durable. On average, the effect lasts for six months or longer.

Those men, who are willing to experience unforgettable sensations while making love and fill their sexual power, should try Titan Gel. This product increases male libido, prolongs sexual intercourses and contributes to natural penis enlargement without side effects.

$ 15.8 - 1 bottle
Can be shipped to Ukraine


30 53%


22 39%


5 9%
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