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PeniMaster PRO
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$ 199.25 - PeniMaster Chrome
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Quick Extender Pro
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Detailed review of PeniMaster PRO


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What is PeniMaster PRO?



PeniMaster PRO is a penis enlargement device designed by a German company. This is probably one of the top extenders for penis enlargement you can find on the market. It works by extending the length of your penis naturally. Besides increased length, many people have claimed that the girth of their penis has also improved after they started using this tool. As your penis gets longer in size, it should also become thicker. This expander should help you reach and maintain harder and bigger erections.


There are many positive testimonials from men that have already used PeniMaster PRO, claiming that they have experienced positive results within a few weeks of using it. Probably the fact that it is made by a German company is what attracts many men to this product because it is made professionally and from materials of the highest quality.



How Long to Use PeniMaster PRO?


It is recommended for you to use this device for at least six months before seeing the good results. After six months you should get a larger penis for up to two inches, the girth of your penis should increase for up to 10%, and your erections should be stronger and last longer.

PeniMaster PRO works by applying prolonged tension to your penis tissues. It improves the penis length bit by bit until it is finally longer in size. To use this penis enlargement tool, you should first squeeze the ball pump that is connected to the glans chamber.


That will correctly prepare the glans chamber by making a vacuum inside the device. Besides using the ball pump, you can also attach the hose to the glans chambers, and with this technique, the air should be completely sucked out for the vacuum to be created.  After you do that you need to put your penis in the chamber and make sure it fits properly.


PeniMaster PRO is better in comparison to other penis enlargement devices because its glans chambers are designed in a much better way than chambers of different extenders. Most importantly, the glans chamber does not prevent the blood flow to your penis, which is often a common thing with other traction tools. Besides that, chambers stop your penis from slipping, and you will not feel any discomfort.


After a longer period of use, the tension applied to your penis is supposed to permanently increase the size of your penis. Prolonged tension will lead your body to produce more collagen, and your penis should be considerably bigger than before.



PeniMaster PRO Benefits and Results(Before/After pictures)





There are plenty of advantages of using this penis enlargement device, which I have reviewed in this article. First of all, it will increase your penis length permanently within several weeks. It should also improve the girth of your penis. PeniMaster PRO also makes your penis glans bigger, improves your erections, enhances your sexual experience, and it is a completely safe extender to use.


You should not feel any discomfort when using it, and this tool works well for all penis sizes. Besides all the mentioned advantages, a couple of other great things are that it does not come with any negative side effects and it can also help you if you have problems with premature ejaculation. When it comes to maintenance, PeniMaster PRO is very easy to clean.



PeniMaster PRO Final Review



In conclusion, it is a great option for you if you want to increase the length of your penis naturally. You no longer have to trust just on pills to make your penis bigger. Tablets can be helpful for improving the sexual stamina and performance, but stretching and extending your penis can be done with the use of PeniMaster PRO. Consider using this device, and you will see that enlarging your penis is easier than you think.



PeniMaster PRO - Extender for Male Sexual Confidence





If you experience discomfort and weakness in bed with your lover, then this is the first sign of erectile dysfunction. Many men are experiencing this sexual issue due to the small penis size, which also has the most negative effect on the intimate relationships of two people. 


An innovative and universal solution to any sexual disorder is the high-quality and effective PeniMaster PRO extender.


Let's point out a few facts thanks to which the device has become popular among men in different parts of the world:


    • The unique effective design, which is aimed at stimulating penis growth, as well as eliminating all the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, which manifests as weak erections, reduced potency, and libido, decreased endurance and premature ejaculation.

    • The efficient and safe expander is a high-quality German product, which has been repeatedly tested during clinical studies, as evidenced by quality certificates. You can get acquainted with their content on the official manufacturer’s website.

    • The expander corrects penile curvature, which is the main manifestation of Peyronie's disease.

    • Painless vacuum adhesion fixation. If the extender is fixed properly, the user won’t experience adverse reactions.

    • The minimum number of contraindications, which greatly expands the user circle.

    • The convenience of use. The process of fixing the device does not take more than 6 seconds, while the compact size makes it invisible under clothing.

    • In just 6 months of regular use of the extender, you can achieve incredible results that persist for several years.



A British Study of the PeniMaster PRO Extender





According to the data that was published in the British Journal of Urology (BJUI) in 2018, scientists recognize the use of the extender as an excellent alternative to surgical intervention. Professor Hartmut Porst from Germany and two specialists from the USA – Dr. Lawrence Levin and Professor Arthur Burnett – have been investigating the effect of the device for a long time. 



The study involved 93 patients with clear signs of Peyronie's disease. In just three months of wearing the device regularly, the angle of curvature of the penis has leveled off by 50 degrees. 

Experts recommend to all patients, before seeking help from surgeons, experience the effect of the safe PeniMaster PRO expansion device, which is able to completely align the curvature of the penis. Note that this study confirms the effectiveness of a particular Penimaster PRO model and does not apply to other extenders. This feature is due to the unique design of the extender, which can interact with the problem for 5 to 10 hours per day.


Scientists say that the late treatment of Peyronie's disease symptoms causes the development of erectile dysfunction in men. Men are often exposed to stress and depression against the background of this disease,



How does Penimaster PRO work





This penis extender stimulates the formation of new cells, which are the main factor in increasing the size of the penis, due to the stretching of the cave tissues of the penis and the vacuum action of the tip. 


The device is aimed at the penis growth in three directions - length, girth, and increase in the diameter of the glans penis. At the same time, if a patient has symptoms of penile curvature, the duration of treatment may be delayed due to the even distribution of thrust force, which contributes to solving three problems at once - erectile dysfunction, small penis size, and penile curvature.



How to apply the Device



The manufacturer claims that the device can be used for two purposes - therapeutic and cosmetic. The stretching procedure can solve the problems of erectile dysfunction, as well as stimulate the growth of new cells, due to which the penis size will increase up to 25%.


Cosmetic applications:


  • Penis enlargement in all directions - length and girth
  • Enlargement of the glans penis
  • Straightening of the slight penile curvature
  • Restore foreskin




Therapeutic scope:


    • In cases of pronounced manifestations of Peyronie's disease with a large curvature angle.

    • After the urological procedures and operations – prostate removal, penis enlargement surgery.

    • With a decrease in sexual activity in adulthood.

    • The use of the extender is prescribed by specialists to treat premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction symptoms.



Penimaster PRO packages





The manufacturer of the new generation penis extender puts offers two models, which have some distinctive features. 


PeniMaster Chrome is a classic extender that functions due to the operation of two metal rods based on tensile springs. Due to the presence of fixing belts, which are located in the central part of the penis, the maximum level of safe operation of the device is ensured. Additional safety of use is achieved due to the presence of a safety clip and an adapted fastening slots. Thanks to these features, the patient experiences maximum comfort while using the device. High-quality materials that are used for the production of the extender are the main criteria for a long service life of the device.


PeniMaster PRO is an improved model of the expander, which, in addition to metal rods, is additionally equipped with a vacuum tip. It is supported by combined vacuum, adhesion, and positive fixation. PeniMaster PRO provides reliable protection of the foreskin and lymph. The user decides whether to use a vacuum tip or not. The device is ideal for different penis sizes, for both circumcised or not-circumcised men. It perfectly adapts to the glans penis, without compressing or deforming it.



The main distinguishing characteristic of devices is the cost. PeniMaster PRO has a much higher price, which is around $330. PeniMaster is cheaper, at only $170.


Both extenders are patented physiological devices that provide stretching of the penis without pain or discomfort. They are effective urological products that have both similarities and differences.





Possible Side Effects



With proper and rational use of the extender according to the manufacturer's instructions, the user cannot experience negative body reactions. If a patient has venous problems or connective tissue disorders of the penis, he must consult a urologist before using the device. 


In order to avoid mechanical damage of the penis, the extender use is not recommended in the following cases:


  • In a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication
  • Under the influence of sedatives
  • Under the influence of sleeping pills and painkillers
  • If you are allergic to latex


Due to the increased blood flow during the extender use, slight redness of the penis surface is possible. The swelling of the glans penis can be observed in the case when the patient uses high loads of more than 1200 grams from the first days.





The Correct Measurement of Penis Size




In order to choose the most appropriate expander and adjust it according to the current parameters of the penis, it is necessary to measure the penis size as accurately as possible. The length of the penis is measured in the state of erection, using a ruler or a measuring tape. 


Tightly press the ruler to the pubic bone, hold its measuring scale along the entire length of the penis until the very end of the head, where the mark will be located that shows the exact result.


In order to measure the penis girth, it is necessary to determine the widest place of the penis. A soft measuring tape is ideal for identifying this parameter.




$ 199.25 - PeniMaster Chrome
Can be shipped to Ukraine


45 47%


38 40%


12 13%
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