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199 - Androvacuum Platinum
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Hydromax X-Series
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Detailed review of Androvacuum Platinum

American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons Association for Male Sexual Dysfunction American Board of Urology


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Vacuum pumps are considered to be one of the most effective and safe tools for enlarging the penis. The principle of work is quite simple: a vacuum is created in the flask, and the blood flow in the penis is on the rise, which leads to its stretching. The cavernous tissues of the penis are filled with spongy and muscular tissue, through which the vessels pass. When the blood flow increases under the influence of vacuum, these tissues extent, which leads to an increase in not only the length but also the diameter of the penis. The vacuum penis pump is a practical device that will carefully and quickly make a penis larger by a few centimeters.



AndroVacuum Premium Penis Pump Review



If the AndroVacuum pump is regularly used, the results will be stable rather than temporary since due to the natural effect of vacuum on the genitals there is a buildup of muscle tissue. This device not only allows you to increase the size of the dick but also helps to fight erectile dysfunction.


 The main advantages of the penis pump:


    • Increase in the length of the penis by 2-5 cm;

    • Improvement of oxygenation of penile tissues;

    • The ability to get rid of such types of impotence as psychological, age and acquired (prostate diseases, diabetes mellitus);

    • The vessels become more elastic;

    • Enhanced blood flow allows to eliminate the phenomena of stagnation in the pelvic organs that arise as a result of irregular sex life or sedentary work;

    • Improving the quality of potency: an erection is more persistent and prolonged than it was before pumping;

    • Safety of use: unlike medicines, the pump affects only a particular organ and tissue-preserving;

    • Ease of use: it’s enough to devote only 10-15 minutes to exercises a day to achieve a stable result.

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Sometimes an AndroVacuum penis pump is used not for the intended purpose, but to diversify the sex life. In this case, the application has an episodic character, when a short-term increase in the sexual organ is obtained with the help of pumping.


Vacuum therapy is widely used around the world to restore lost erections as a result of surgery or after chemotherapy. After applying the pump, blood circulation in the entire pelvic area is significantly improved. Qualitative massage of tissues during pumping brings additional stimulation of regenerative processes.



Standard Set and Application of the Device





AndroVacuum Platinum penis pump consists of an acrylic cylinder with a pump and replaceable attachment. Some models are equipped with a pressure gauge to monitor the pressure level. With its help, you can track the level of pressure and adjust it, based on your feelings and purposes. There is a compressive ring at the opposite end of the cylinder, adjacent to the body. This element allows you to fix the result, which is obtained by pumping air into the cylinder.


 How to use AndroVacuum Platinum pump?


    • Before use, the device must be rinsed in warm water with soap (use of boiling water may damage the pump).

    • The attachment at the end of the cylinder must be lubricated with water-based lube, but not with a fatty one.

    • You need to carefully put the penis in the cavity of the cylinder and try to tighten the flask to the body.

    • Start pumping out air from the container, holding it with one hand.

    • Ensure that the cylinder is sealed by checking the integrity of the valve.

    • Further, the penis should increase in size and blush if all manipulations are done correctly.

    • You should wait for one minute and open the valve by letting air into the cylinder.

    • Once the erection is weakened, you can repeat the procedure.

It is recommended that you do this for 15-20 minutes a day. Over time, you can gradually increase the period of vacuum exposure to 2-3 minutes. At the same time, it is worthwhile to focus on personal feelings: is there any discomfort in the penis.



When to Buy AndroVacuum Platinum



Men find it difficult to admit to having sexual problems and start solving them. But a weakened erection, a small penis, and other issues significantly reduce the quality of life. Stress, depression, anxiety, reduced efficiency are arising. Therefore, do not ignore the very early clue in the form of initial signs of erectile dysfunction.


 What signs indicate the need to buy AndroVacuum?


    • Loss of sexual energy, low sex drive;

    • The penis has a size of 12 cm or less;

    • Stamina in bed has dropped to a critical level;

    • The erection is very sluggish or nonexistent;

    • You have a wish to diversify your sex life.

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If at least one of the items is present, then you should think about buying an AndroVacuum pump. After the first session, positive results will already be seen. After more extended use of the vacuum pump, the results stabilize. The man raises sexual desire, improves mood. Stresses recede, work capacity rises. Therefore, we can safely say that a penis pump is a universal tool for improving the quality of whole life and not just its sexual component.



Contraindications for Vacuum Pump





There are some contraindications for device use, so you should carefully and thoughtfully get acquainted with its list. If a man has vascular diseases, thrombophlebitis, a tendency to form blood clots, chronic kidney and liver disease, pathology of the foreskin, urethritis, then a vacuum pump is not recommended.


During the sessions, you should not take drugs that dilute blood. Men should use the pump exceptionally carefully. Also, the use of certain pain medications (ibuprofen, aspirin) is not recommended.


 During sessions, these side effects may occur:


    • Red or purple spots may appear on the skin of the penis;

    • The skin becomes drier, and its numbness is felt;

    • The base of the penis is not hard enough.


In some cases, a man feels unusual sensations during an erection, including discomfort and the penis tenderness. Such factors are an excuse to stop using the pump for a while and consult a doctor about the advisability of further pumping sessions. The specialist will study the individual characteristics of the patient and provide appropriate recommendations for the further use/non-use of the vacuum pump. Also, do not use the device too intensively by increasing the duration of sessions by half. The too high impact of vacuum on the penis can lead to rupture of blood vessels and other troubles.


Sometimes the doctor recommends that you stop using the pump and focus on other methods of solving the problem: the use of oral medication, creams, and ointments. And sometimes the doctor prescribes a combination therapy, in which pumping and the use of other means are combined.


How to Maintain the Device?


A penis vacuum pump is a means of individual use. Therefore, you should not transfer it for use by third parties. After the application, all parts of the device must be thoroughly rinsed and dried. After this, it is necessary to hold the device in a particular case or box.



AndroVacuum results




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To get stable and significant results, you should be patient and do exercises with an AndroVacuum penis pump for six months or at least three months.

During this time, you can gradually increase the duration of the vacuum effect on the penis. As a result, muscle tissue will be formed, which will provide an increase in the length and volume of the cock. Fragmentary use of the pump will bring a short-term result, so it is so important to follow the schedule and make exercises regular.



Comparing of AndroVacuum with other Pump Brands



The market for vacuum pumps today is quite extensive, so it is difficult to choose in favor of one or another model immediately. We compared the characteristics of such penis pumps as Bathmate and Hydromax.


Bathmate and Hydromax are devices that belong to the category of hydro pumps. They can be used with equal success both in water and outside it. Otherwise, the characteristics of the devices are identical to a penis pump. The effectiveness of the tools is approximately the same: after regular exercises, the penis is enlarging up to 5 cm. However, having read the reviews on the products on profile sites, we nevertheless concluded that the AndroVacuum is more popular with consumers due to its availability and ease of use.


AndroVacuum uses warm/hot water to raise penile tissue temperature making it flexible and increasing blood flow to the area. This helps the device function effectively as far as traction and expansion are concerned – both are transferred to the penis optimally. 






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AndroVacuum devices are made in Italy with lightweight and resistant materials. 


 The device is made up of the following parts:


    • Rubber bellow;

    • External chamber;

    • An automatic valve that retains and then releases force;

    • Internal chamber that provides dynamic safety and support;

    • The pressure control mechanism that can be checked at the top of the inner chamber.


How to Use AndroVacuum?



This device is designed for underwater use.


Fill a bathtub with hot water and soak in it for a few minutes. Place the AndroVacuum device on your penis under vacuum. 


This force is applied by the bellow – it is quite gentle, and a lot of testing goes into the product before it is sold on the market. There is no discomfort to the user. 


Use for 20 minutes and release by pressing the valve on top of the device to release. 

The AndroVacuum manufacturer recommends 20-minute sessions every day for 2 weeks and then slowly increase the usage time. Results should be evident in 2 months.


AndroVacuum Advantages





 Official Site


AndroVacuum works well for all users, and the best part is that the manufacturer offers a money back guarantee and a 2-month trial period


 Here is how you will benefit:


    • It helps to overcome any problems with penis retraction. 

    • You will get a stronger penis from all the muscle growth.

    • It stops erectile dysfunction issues in the early stages; saving you from a lot of embarrassment.

    • The device can be used for all ages. Even people with Peyronie’s disease can use it to correct problems.

    • It helps to improve sexual endurance.

    • It helps to experience more intense orgasms without the aid of drugs.

    • It is the best penis enlargement device


Try it out for yourself after reading consumer reviews. Experience the benefits of AndroVacuum and feel empowered in the bedroom.



Warranty and Delivery



The popularity of devices for penis enlargement led to the fact that light-fingered dealers began to offer products under this brand, but manufactured in dubious enterprises. Naturally, the price for such "advantageous offers" was an order of magnitude smaller than that of the original devices. As a result, men who fought for a low price tag remained disappointed.


The device not only did not contribute to the solution of the problem but also was frankly dangerous to the health of the user. Wanting to save on production, handicraft "masters" make fakes of low-quality, and sometimes toxic materials. Flasks quickly burst, having time to hurt users and bringing them a variety of discomfort. Pumps fail after one or two sessions. This aspect undermines consumer confidence in the product.


We recommend that you purchase Androvacuum only from authorized distributors who provide a warranty on the product. They must have certificates for goods. You can also buy the pump on the official websites of the manufacturer. Delivery of goods is carried out as quickly as possible by advanced transport companies.






If you suffer from poor penis size, you know the term "erectile dysfunction," or sexual weakness, and then you can safely purchase an AndroVacuum. But first, you need to check the availability of contraindications, as well as make sure of the originality of the product. If there are no contraindications, and the goods are certified, then problems in sex life will go to the past very soon. After all, an active AndroVacuum will solve all problems as efficiently and safely as possible.


In the world of penis pumps, there are quite some companies and products competing for the same market share. In that niche, Andromedical is a company that stands apart from its competitors. It is a unique product that does the same work and with very few side effects or contraindications.
199 - Androvacuum Platinum
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115 71%


29 18%


18 11%
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