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846 92%


35 4%


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$ 139 - Hydromax5
$ 159 - Hydromax7
$ 199 - Hydromax9
Money back: 60 days
Success rate: 94 %
First results: 30 days
Max results: 365 days
Approved by: Dr. Eric K. Miller
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A quick note from Dr. Anil Dassi, MCh. Barhmate Hydromax is the best penis pump I ever reviewed. It's made in UK by the leading health provider using the latest technoloqies. It has all the medical certificates in the field
Dr. Eric K. Miller
Detailed review of Hydromax pump

Lenox Hill Hospital, Residency in Urology

Hydromax X-Series


Official Site


Are you looking for a reliable source where you can get adequate advice and consultation? Do you want to find a device that works, delivers practical and positive results and causes no harm to your manhood? You have found the team that is ready to help you make your sexual dreams come true with Bathmate Hydromax.


You have thoroughly searched the male enhancement market to find the best hydro pump, and you do not know which you should choose. You should have noticed that there is a great variety of penis enlargement devices that promise to make your erections harder and your penis larger, but not all of them work. Read this Hydromax review to become a smart penis pump customer.


Don’t worry, we have made the best choice for you and can recommend the Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps.


These water-based penis enlargement pumps have revolutionized the industry – they are the first water-based devices that help men enlarge their manhood.


 The Bathmate offers three series:



Each of which enhances and improves the previous one. Let’s see how the Bathmate Hydromax works and what it offers.



How Bathmate Hydromax Works [Review]



1 month

2 months

+0.5 inches to your penis length
+0.3 inches to your penis girth

Harder erections

+1 inch to your penis length
+0.6 inches to your penis girth

Better libido and sexual drive

6 months

12 months

+2.5 inches to your penis length
+1 inch to your penis girth

Longer lasting erections, increased sexual satisfaction

+3.5 inches to your penis length
+1.7 inches to your penis girth

Increased self-esteem and sexual confidence


Official Site


 The Hydromax pumps promise to:


    • Increase the penis in length and girth by 1-4 inches;

    • Make erections harder, firmer and stronger;

    • Boost sexual health and performance;

    • Ensure fast positive results.


You know that the penis includes three chambers: two corpora cavernosa (your erectile tissues) and one corpus spongiosis (a chamber where you ejaculate and urinate from). When aroused, the brain sends certain signals and hormone initiating blood flow to the genitalia. Thus, your erectile tissues fill with blood and cause an erection. 


The hydro penis pump works by dilating your chambers so they can contain more blood, and you can feel harder erections. You will notice the effect in a couple of weeks or so: your penis will become thicker and, then, you will experience an increase in length. You will also gain additional length when your penis is flaccid.



The Bathmate company claims that your manhood starts increasing from a half of an inch in one to three months.

You are recommended to wear the device for 15 minutes once a day. The longer you use the Batmate Hydromax pumps, the larger your penis becomes.


As a rule, men succeed to gain between one and three inches in length and up to 30% in girth. You will also experience higher stamina, better sexual performance, and longer-lasting endurance.


Bathmate Hydromax results(before and after) 





Official Site


The manufacturer has used new materials and has created an innovative bellows system, which ensures 35% more power, longer duration, and higher flexibility. The internal size of the bellows is increased, so you have a lot of room for your penile girth expansion.


    • Extremely soft comfort pads are added to ensure a more comfortable and tighter seal against the body. This means less loss of suction and less pumping. You can easily remove the comfort pads to clean them.

    • The valve controlling the flow of water out of the pump contains a latch. Now, you may close the valve and prevent water from leaking. A slow pressure release mechanism is introduced to ensure safe pumping and avoid over pumping.

    • The measuring guide (that is on the front of the device) is designed to include both metric and imperial measurements so you may easily understand and follow your penis increase.


All compounds of the Hydromax Series are manufactured from special and thoroughly selected materials that are safe for skin, free and medical. Aspen Clinical Research has performed dermatological tests and has approved that these hydro pumps are safe for use on penises.



How to Use Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump





 The Hydromax Series and HydroXtreme offer three sizes of the pumps for you to feel comfortable gaining the highest effect:



 When choosing an appropriate size for the device, you are recommended to:


    • Measure the length of the penis. You should measure the erect penis pressing a ruler from the pubic bone to the end of your penis.

    • Measure the circumference of the penis. You should measure the middle of the shaft of the erect penis.


The easiest way to do it is to use a tailor’s tape. When you know your measurements, you can visit the official website to get the right size of the pump you need.


Official Site

 Let’s see how you should use the pump:


    • The latch valve has top, middle, and bottom positions. You can close the valve by sliding the latch into the top or bottom positions. The middle position opens it.

    • When the valve is opened, you should choose a correct comfort pad and put it into the vessel. You may rotate the vessel and the gator to hide or show the measuring guide (if you want to see your progress).

    • When you feel that you are ready, fill your pump with water. Then insert your penis into the device (try to save more water inside) and push it toward your body creating a tight seal.

    • By pushing the Hydromax pump toward your body, the water will be expelled from the top of the vessel. When pumping, you will feel how suction increases, and your penis is sucked inside. During the process, the pressure is slowly reduced to avoid any damage, and you can re-pump to raise it.

    • To finish your session, you should first release the suction created by pressing the whole valve (not just the latch) toward the pump. 


measuring guide


Official Site





    • If you are taking a bath or a shower, you are recommended to warm up your body under the water for five minutes to stimulate blood circulation and, then, insert the penis.

    • Please choose the short insert when in the shower, and the most comfortable size when in the bath.

    • Please do not use the penis pump for more than 15 minutes a day.



Hydromax before and after



The Hydromax pumps offer a lot of benefits and are safe for your health. They have a lot of positive reviews from customers who report the first results in a few weeks or so. The devices work by increasing the penis in length and girth and enhancing erections. There are hundreds of Hydromax before and after pictures and videos. You can find real customer reviews on forums and blogs.

This is the most advanced penis enlargement technology ever created and it seems like the medical community is going to officially confirm the effectiveness of the Hydromax penis pump.



How to buy Hydromax


You may purchase the pumps from the official website (the safest place to order) and receive discounts, discreet packaging and labeling and 60-day money back guarantee. Enjoy your sexual health and life! In fact, the Hydromax pump is available on Amazon and Walmart, but the price and the offers are completely different. To become a smart customer it's recommended to order Hydromax from the manufacturer.


$ 139 - Hydromax5
$ 159 - Hydromax7
$ 199 - Hydromax9
Can be shipped to Ukraine


846 92%


35 4%


29 3%
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I gained 1 inch in 2 monthh, I want to gain 2 inch so I will keep using this pump


I've tried other models like hercules and goliath but Hydromax is the most convenient for me


If you want a bigger penis, you need to train it in the right way. That's what I did with the Hydromax pump. You do not need to wait for months for the results. I use it 15 minutes a day without any discomfort or pain, and it's growing day by day. It's that simple: use Hydromax - get a bigger penis. It's working like it's claimed


I am very happy with Hydromax results, it really makes a difference in my sex life and my wife also noticed it. The length and girth are improved.

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