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Hydromax X-Series
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$ 127 - Standard Package
$ 197 - Extra Package
$ 297 - Premium Package
#1 device today
Hydromax X-Series
(915 votes)
Money back: 60 days
Success rate: 94 %
First results: 5 days
Max results: 180 days
Approved by: Eric K. Miller
Expert rating: 10/10
Discreet packaging: Yes
Support 24/7: Yes
International shipping: $30
Ordering method: Online only
Payment method: Credit card
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A quick note from Dr. Anri Muller I have tested severa penis pumps, but only Penomet is officially certified and recommended in clinics Dr. Anri Muller (Prof. DM)
Eric K. Miller
Detailed review of Penomet



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If you are in the category of those men who desire to make their manhood larger, who want to boost their sexual endurance and performance, you have probably browsed the Internet looking for the best product to realize your sexual dreams.


Nowadays, the male enhancement industry offers hundreds of supplements, pumps, extenders and other devices that give excellent promises. But you should know that only a few of them can keep these promises. You should also take into account that some devices can harm your health-damaging the penis and causing serious side-effects.


We are here to help you in understanding what products work effectively and what companies you may trust. Today, we will review Penomet, a revolutionary penis pump.



What Penomet Is?




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Penomet is an innovative penis enlargement water-based pump designed by professional experts to offer an effective, powerful and safe method to make your penis larger and fuller. This device is a result of customers’ desires, advice, and recommendations. The Company has gathered all opinions and ideas of thousands of individuals and has developed a unique product that helps men.


Penomet is a two-part interchangeable Gaiter System that allows men to comfortably and safely increase pressure and, thus, enlarge the penis.


Penomet is an excellent solution that can increase your manhood in length by up to 3 inches and in girth by 30% - and this is due to daily 15-minute sessions.

All its positive results are backed by real testing, the prestigious Venus Awards for the Best New Product 2013 and the Best New Male Enhancement Device 2013.



How Penomet Works



Penomet is a hydro pump, and you are recommended using it with water to get the best results (in the bath or the shower). But it can be worn on air – it is up to the effect you expect to gain.


A conventional air vacuum pump works by compressing and expanding air and, thus, does not ensure equal penis enlargement. By using water, Penomet avoids this problem and provides equal pressure and volume in the cylinder.


The design of the Penomet device is unique. The non-return valve located at the end of the pump closes when the compression is finished – this allows expanding the gaiter and applying pressure equally to all areas of your manhood.


Due to the innovative ideas, Penomet is equipped with five interchangeable gaiters. A gaiter is a rubber element that is attached to the pump. They go in five colors representing a certain pressure level. This revolutionary gaiter system ensures that customers may safely and gradually increase the pressure by changing inside and outside pressure settings of the cylinder and increase the penis effectively. This helps achieve your goal up to 65% faster if compared to one-gaiter pumps.



How to Use Penomet





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 The pump is designed to be simple and easy to use. So, you should follow six steps to gain the heights:


    • Choose the gaiter that fits you best (the manufacturer recommends starting from a low-pressure one (the purple 60 gaiter);

    • Attach this gaiter to the cylinder of Penomet;

    • Insert your penis into the pump in the shower, in the bath or on air;

    • Pump the device gently – the vacuum seal should be created;

    • Re-pump every several minutes within a 15 to 20-minute session;

    • Slide the valve at the end of the device to the side and release the pressure or remove Penomet.


When you get experienced, you may change the gaiter to increase pressure.

You are recommended using the pump for fifteen minutes five days a week. In a month of permanent use, you may see positive changes. You will notice temporary results after every session, but your penis will calm down. Permanent results require the prolonged period of use.

The pump includes the detailed instruction manual, and if you follow all these simple steps, you will be pleasantly surprised. If you use the device correctly, you will not experience any side-effects. Besides, Penomet is the safest penis enhancement product.

The device goes with a detailed exercise plan, which can help you maximize penis enhancement. The effective program can ensure high results.




Bottom Line



A penis pump is the easiest way to increase manhood in girth and length, and Penomet is the top-rated device popular all over the world. Now, you may forget about painful weights and extenders, dangerous and risky surgeries. Due to the water used, Penomet ensures equal pressure and enlargement. Besides, there are hundreds of positive reviews from customers: some men report that their penises become thicker while others notice longer progress first. 


The safest place to order the pump is its official website where you may choose additional accessories and an option (Standard, Extra, or Premium). The company offers excellent prices and discounts. Also, you will receive a 3 years warranty – no results, no money loss!



Available packages


 Penomet Premium includes:


    • Version 3. Penomet Pump 
    • Force 60,65,70,75 gaiter
    • Extreme Force 80 gaiter
    • Shower strap
    • Exercise guide
    • 60-day money back guarantee
    • 3-year warranty

Price is: $297 (old price $457)


 Penomet Extra includes:


    • Penomet Pump
    • Force 65, 70, 75 gaiters
    • Step by step exercise guide
    • Money-back and warranty is included

Price is: $197 (old price $288)


 Penomet Standard includes:


    • Penomet Pump;
    • Force 70 gaiter only
    • Exercises eBook
    • Money back and warranty certificates

Price is: $127 (old price $169)


Based on these advantages, we recommend you Penomet as a high-quality pump. You can buy Penomet on the official website

Read here the comparison between Penomet and Bathmate Originals penis pumps.



$ 127 - Standard Package
$ 197 - Extra Package
$ 297 - Premium Package
Can be shipped to Ukraine


315 80%


49 12%


25 6%
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