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$ 64.98 - 1 device
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Detailed review of Sinclair Select Endow

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Sinclair Select Endow Penis Pump System


Are you sick and tired of weak erections? Do you want to enjoy unbelievable sex with you your partner? Are you dreaming about better sexual performance and longer-lasting endurance? Are you looking for an effective method to make your manhood stronger and boost your sex life? You have probably seen thousands of products claiming to improve your sexual health and increase your self-confidence by enlarging your penis in girth and length and combating any sexual disorders you can experience.


Yes, there are thousands of inviting offers, but the main problem (or obstacle) is that the most of them are fakes. Some products, including penis enlargement devices, mistake the wish for the reality but cause harm to your health and damage to your genitalia. That’s why you should thoroughly check what you buy.


For you to make a correct choice, we will provide reviews of penis enlargement products and consider in detail how they work, what they offer, and whether they are effective. And the next thing on the agenda is the Sinclair Select Endow Penis Pump System.


What Sinclair Select Endow Penis Pump System Is


Sinclair Select Endow Penis Pump System


Sinclar Endow is an excellent system designed for men who want to increase their penises (especially in circumference) and – what is more important – overcome erectile dysfunction. This system is developed by the Sinclair Institute that has been manufacturing different sex toys and pumps since 1991 and has vast experience in the industry. Let’s see what the Sinclar Endow System includes:


  1. 1 manual trigger pump (plus a quick release valve); 
  2. 1 battery powered pump (plus a quick release valve);
  3. 10 x 2-inch cylinder (10in in length and 2in in diameter);
  4. Removable and washable gasket;
  5. Plastic connecting tubes;
  6. 4 constriction rings;
  7. Detailed instruction manual.


The snap mechanism on the tubes and cylinder of the device can be interchangeable with a lot of other popular cylinders. This makes the system more innovative as you can choose ball pumping or any thicker tubes. This is an excellent advantage, which most hydro pumping systems do not offer.


How Sinclair Select Endow Penis Pump System Works


This is a vacuum therapy system designed in two operating modes: a battery-operated pump and an ergonomic hand pump. The battery-powered device requires 4 AA batteries to work and ensures stable vacuum flow when an on/off button is pushed. The ergonomically designed hand device is a silicone-padded and comfortable product that allows controlling all moves manually.


A quick-release valve helps release pressure created when the session is completed, or you feel any discomfort. A transparent cylinder with 2 inches in diameter has a removable gasket and ensures additional comfort for your penis. It also has inch marks for you to track your progress easily.  


Sinclair Select Endow Penis Pump System


The system comes with four constriction rings of different diameter (2.25″, 2.5″, 2.75″, 3″), which are made of TPR jelly. They help maintain after-pumping erections by not allowing blood to flow out of your penis. Each ring has an easy-to-grab tab to switch the device on or off quickly.


This system stimulates more blood to flow to the penis making, thus, your erections stronger and firmer. Besides, it is a perfect way to get rid of erectile dysfunction naturally.


How to Use Sinclair Select Endow Penis Pump System 

You should take the pump and connect it with the 10x2 in vacuum cylinder. The gasket is made of silicone and can be used only with water-based lubricants. When the cylinder is attached, you should insert your penis into the device and start the pumping process. Your penis should be engorged to the maximum capacity, size, and hardness. When your session is finished, or you feel some discomfort, you should slide the valve to the side.


You may start with the hand pump and then experiment with an electric one. Please note that you should not wear the constriction rings for more than 30 minutes. You are recommended discontinuing the use if you notice any irritation or bruising.


You should clean the cylinder thoroughly before and after every use in warm water and with an antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. The gasket can be easily removed so you may put it in water to clean. The marks on the cylinder are engraved and will not come off during the cleaning (unlike other cheaper offers). When finished, you should allow the device to dry completely.


Before you start using the battery-operated pump:


  1. Open and remove the top of the product by twisting and lifting the cap;
  2. Press the top of the battery compartment (as the arrow shows) to open it;
  3. Insert four AA batteries;
  4. Close the battery and twist to secure the cap.


Places to Buy Sinclair Select Endow Penis Pump System 


Sinclair Select Endow Penis Pump System


The system is available from different retailers for an average price of $129.95, but some stores offer discounts. You will also receive discreet shipping and labeling and a secure payment system – please order from top-rated sellers.


The official website of the Sinclair Institute offers a 90-day money back guarantee. You have three months to try the product and send it back if no desired result is achieved. You will receive your money back.


Bottom Line


The Endow Penis Pump System makes an excellent offer for an excellent price. You may choose between a manual and an electric pump or use them interchangeably.  All the materials are of high quality, and you can experience no side-effects if used as instructed.


The customers report that the pumps ensure high positive results in combating erectile dysfunction and increasing your penis in girth. However, if you want to make your manhood longer, other pumps will be more helpful. But before you make your decision, you should take into consideration the women’s the fact that the girth is what matters. 

$ 64.98 - 1 device
Can be shipped to Ukraine


20 47%


15 35%


8 19%
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It improved my erection hardness and my sexual stamina. It is high quality product


It is comfortable to use and gives better resilts than pills.

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