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X4 Labs
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$ 39.95 - 1 device
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Quick Extender Pro
(291 votes)
Money back: 365 days
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Detailed review of X4 Labs


A penis extender is a male enhancement product approved to make male manhood longer, thicker and healthier. And it is true as these devices can also treat premature ejaculation and penis curvature.


The only question is how to choose an effective penis extender that does not harm your body ensuring positive results. You have probably searched the Internet for such a device and have seen that they are available in different brands and different designs. The problem is that a lot of them appear to be fake and inefficient. Don’t worry… You have found the very place where you can get adequate advice.


Today, we will review the X4 Labs Extender as one of the top-selling penis enhancement products.



What is X4 Labs Penis Extender?



1 month

2 months

+ 0.5 inches to your penis length

+0.1 inches to your penis girth

+1 inch to your penis length

+0.3 inches to your penis girth

6 months

12 months

+2 inches to your penis length

+1 inch to your penis girth

+3 inches to your penis length

+1.5 inches to your penis girth



There are 6 different packages for penis enlargement and 4 penis curvature packages. The prices are different, you can choose the package with additional tension springs and Vitamin A for a better effect. This penis extender is a high-quality device approved by doctors and supported by users.


 It offers its customers:


    • Better blood circulation;
    • Increased penis size;
    • No penis curvature;
    • Higher sexual stimulation.


X4 Labs works to increase the penis both in length and in girth by effectively causing cellular division and enlarging the size of internal cavities in your penis.


The extender has also been proven to help men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease, a condition caused by scar tissue – a plaque formed along the penis in its corpora cavernosa.

The men can expect reduced curvature by up to 90% – and no surgical interference is required.


You need no prescription to purchase the X4 Labs device. Besides, it includes detailed instruction and video, which will assist you in how to use the product safely and effectively. You may also visit the official forum or contact the customer support team to get professional advice and recommendations.



How X4 Labs Extender Works?




This device is designed to help enhance blood circulation and blood flow to your penis, its action is aimed to stretch your penis and straighten it if needed.


X4 Labs device is a safe product. Really gentle tension applied a certain amount of time to improve penis length and girth in 3-6 months. The wide girth base and quad support will fit every penis size. The system offers the strongest springs tension to provide fast and impressive results



X4 Labs Features



X4 Labs offers extenders for every man and every penis size. The Quad Support and Width Girth Base (sold separately) are additional elements that ensure comfort for all genitalia, including micro-penises.


Extreme Ultimate Edition


 You may choose any edition you like:


    • Extreme Ultimate Edition that includes traction therapy, male enhancement supplements, penis exercises and pumping (for penises from 4 to 20 inches);

    • Gold Luxury Edition that is the complete package including, among others, a penis pump, adjustable comfort straps, silicone tube harnesses, foam pads, penile traction lubrication and an enhancement exercise guide (for penises from 4 to 13.5 inches);

    • Peyronie’s Professional Edition that is designed as an ultimate traction therapy for curvature correction without surgeries and provides a 12-month supply of Vitamin E supplements (for penises from 4 to 13.5 inches);

    • Anniversary Ultra Edition that is an exclusive package with all innovative ideas developed within 10 years of activity (for penises from 1 to 13.5 inches);

    • Extreme Premium Edition that includes all elements required to ensure comfortable penis enhancement, PenisAccess exercises and a 3-month supply of Sinrex male Enhancement supplements (for penises from 4 to 13.5 inches);

    • Premium Edition that ensures perfect comfort and customization with the set of elongation bars and different fastening methods (for penises from 4 to 13.5 inches);

    • Peyronie’s Premium Edition that is the best curvature treatment offer on the market with a progress ruler and a 6-month supply of Vitamin E supplements included (for penises from 4 to 13.5 inches);

    • Deluxe Edition that includes a full set of accessories designed for quick and effective penis enlargement (a penis extender, tension springs, comfort straps, foam pads, elongation bars, etc.) (for penises from 4 to 7 inches);

    • Peyronie’s Deluxe Edition that is designed to treat penis curvature quickly and effectively and includes the Deluxe Edition Extender,  the Vitamin E Boost formula and the package of accessories (for penises from 4 to 13.5 inches);

    • Starter Edition that provides all elements you need to start the penis enlargement process safely and effectively.


    Is it Worth bo Buy X4 Labs?



    X4 Labs offers a lot of advantages: a longer and thicker penis, reduced curvature and premature ejaculation, high-quality materials, and – what is more important – positive results. The devices are recommended by doctors and hundreds of customers who are satisfied with their effect.


    If you have decided that this extender is right for you (and it would be great), you may visit the official website to make your order. The company offers the best prices and discounts. You will also receive a satisfaction guarantee and send your device back if no expected results are achieved. Safe billing, discreet shipping and labeling, and online support are additional benefits.


    If you still do not know whether you should buy X4 Labs, we recommend you to do it – in any case; you will be refunded in full. 

    $ 39.95 - 1 device
    Can be shipped to Ukraine


    216 89%


    15 6%


    11 5%
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