Male enhancement pills chart made by consumers

Why to choose penis enlargement pills?

What is the theory behind the penis enlargement pill? What is it and how it works? Sometimes men do believe, that penis enlargement pill can increase their flaccid penis size. Penis pill increases an erected penis size, that's all. And it is possible to make your penis look bigger when you're ready for sex. But you should understand, that it is not possible to enlarge your penis without penile traction. This is the only method, that is clinically approved, and it is the alternative to penis enlargement surgery. If penile traction is so effective, why men buy penis pills? Ok, if you want to get the answer to this question, you have to know that:

1. Penis traction can cause pain and side effects, discomfort
2. You need to spend a lot of time to learn penis enlargement techniques
3. You need to test different devices, which cost a lot of money

Are you agree, that it is much easier to take penis enlargement supplements, but what about the results? You can rich your penis enhancement goals if you take an effective medicine like Vig Rx Plus ot Male Extra. If your results are not sufficient for you, you can simply return your money. But, wait, are you ready to give up if your penis will grow less than one inch? You need to take pills for months, it's true. But you can use free penis enlargement techniques like Jelqing to speed up the results. You will need 5 minutes a day. Penis exercises work well if you take penis enlargement supplements.

How to choose and buy

This is the hardest question because the results are not the same for everybody and the formula does matter. It means that you have to find the pill according to your problem and the condition. For example, Vig Rx Plus is the only formula that works for men suffering from low erection and weak orgasms. Male Extra increases your stamina and makes your penis bigger because of the improved blood flow into your penis. Learn the list of ingredients in every formula you find suitable