Penis Pumping vs. Penis Stretching

Penis enlargement is among one of the most popular subjects of Internet searches, for a good reason. Indeed. More men than ever are dealing with erectile dysfunction. Many other guys just want to be able to enlarge their penis safely. Whatever the motivation is, pill or surgery need not be your only options.

Yes. There are other alternatives. Namely, the penis is extending, and the penis is pumping. Both offer alternative ways to achieve your goal. However, keep in mind that each has their advantages and disadvantages. Consider those things before you choose which one to use.

And here we will compare the two.

Pros and Сons of Penis Pumping

Hydro penis pumps (Bathmate or Penomet), if properly used, have the advantage of offering a quick result with minimal risk. Many men who are concerned with the side effects of drugs may want to opt for the hydro penis pump.

For the most part, it is less expensive than other options. It is also always ready when you need it as well. We can recommend you the Bathmate Hydromax pump because it gives the first results faster than any vacuum pump.

On the other hand, vacuum penis pumping also has its downside too. It infringes a bit on sexual spontaneity. After all, users have to be ready to go immediately after pumping up. The users also have to be done within about 30 minutes so the construction ring can come off. That only applies if you are using it for erectile dysfunction, though. Otherwise, it is okay.

Another thing about air pumping is that you should avoid the excessive or prolonged use of a penis pump since injury may occur. Yes. Don’t overdo the pumping. Doing so can burst your blood vessels and cause blisters. You should also avoid pumping if you have diabetes, have vascular disease, take blood thinners or have sickle cell anemia.

That’s why we recommend hydro pumps as the best alternative to vacuum pumping. Water helps to enlarge your penis safely and effectively. Bathmate and Penomet are the only hydro pumps available today, millions of men have already bought these pumps and shared their penis enlargement results. You can expect to enlarge your penis by 1-4 inches.

And now, about penis stretching.

Pros and Cons of Penis Stretching


Penis stretcher device like Phallosan Forte can be a godsend to men who are committed enough to follow a careful regimen of almost daily use. How could it not? Penis stretching with a stretcher device can permanently increase the size and girth as well as fix abnormal curvature.

However, penis stretching has its downside too. The biggest issue is the risk of blood circulation. If penis stretching is done with noose style stretcher, you may have to remove it frequently to make sure that it doesn’t impede blood flow to the penis glands.

It means that you need to take it off for 20 minutes out of each hour of use. Yes. That’s a lot of fiddling around with your penis during the day.

Some of these extender devices are also uncomfortable pressed against the pelvis. Penis stretchers will be embarrassed to a certain degree, regardless of which model you use. You should accept that or prepare for disappointment.

Did you know?
Lack of comfort is why more than 70% former users gave up completely on the penis stretching device.

If you are planning to shop for one, make sure that you do so carefully. Don’t forget to pay attention to the comfort issues.

 To avoid such problems, it’s critically important to choose penis extender like Phallosan Forte, because it uses the latest technology in penis enlargement safety. This device is manufactured in the EU and it’s medically approved to be effective. Do not use any penis enlargement devices, that are made from low-quality materials. 


Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

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