TOP 5 Effective Penis Pumps of 2023, that Work Today

A penis pump is an efficient method to make your manhood larger, wider, and firmer. Also, it can help men improve their erections and reduce penile curvature.

The penis enhancement industry offers the best brands of pumps – Bathmate and Penomet, so it is easy to find what is reliable and what is a scam by searching for customers’ reviews and using them to help you make a choice.

You should consider that our bodies vary, and they provide different reactions in different men. There is no one most effective or best penis pump that can suit the budget, penis size, and goals of every person.

 To facilitate your choice, we have selected options that are the most popular in the 2019 market and show high results in customers. So, let’s see how they work and what they offer. 

Best rated penis pumps in 2019

#1. Bathmate Hydromax (1 250 000+ customers)

 Brief statistics: 

# of customers: 1 250 000
Made by:
DX Products Ltd (UK)
Min results:
1.5 inches
Max results:
4.5 inches
Benefits: Natural penis enlargement, erection enhancement, stamina improvement
First results: 15 days
Max. results: 180 days
Warranty: 3 years
Money back: 60-day
Prices: Hydromax 3($129), Hydromax 5 ($139), Hydromax 7($159),  Hydromax 7 Wide Boy (6.5+ girth) $179Hydromax 9 ($199)
Official site:

Why Hydromax?

Bathmate Hydromax is considered to be the best penis enhancement pump preferred by a lot of men from all over the world. Choose the best option to use this pump in the shower, bath, or bed.

This device offers men a variety of penis improvements and meets their needs.

There are 4 sizes: 3, 5, 7, 9 inches, so you can choose what you need. Click here

Bathmate Hydromax is based on the Bellow Pump System with a new soft sealing. This makes the penis pump more efficient and comfortable for use. You will experience lower pressure in the area of your testicles and penis base and, simultaneously, quick gains.

Quick note
The penis pump also has a full 360-degree rotation capability that allows you to see your penis in the pump cylinder when you are in the shower.

Best penis pump results

Clinical facts
In average, you will gain an additional 1.5 to 3 inches to your penile length and 30% to your penile circumference.

The first positive changes can be noticed after the first pumping session. You will experience better sexual sensations and longer erections. A high-quality air pump usually requires several months of use to cause an increase in length and girth.

However, you can achieve more – your results depend on your efforts and dedication. If you have more questions on Bathmate Hydromax, here’s an FAQ section of the official site for you. Buy directly from

Where to buy Bathmate Hydromax?

If you think Hydromax is the best penis pump for you, then visit their official website to make your order.

The standard package will cost you:

  • $129 (Hydromax3)if your penis is less than 5 inches long
  • $139 (Hydromax5) if your penis is 5 inches long
  • $159 (Hydromax7) will be suitable for 7 inches penis
  • $179 (Hydromax7 Wide Boy) is a perfect penis pump for girthier penises (6.5″+ girth)
  • $199 (Hydromax9) is a perfect solution for a 9 inches penis

You will also get a discreet package and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. So, you have two months to test the product and send it back if no desired results are achieved.

#2.  Penomet (450 000+ customers)

 Brief statistics: 


Customers: 450 000
Certificates: CGS(Toxin-free), RoHS(Class1)
Money back: 60 days
Warranty: 3 years
Manufacturer: Arctic Sea Limited(Iceland)

First results: 1-14 days
Maximum results: 90-180 days
Minimum penis growth: 0.2
Maximum penis growth: 4
Prices: Standard$127, Extra(2 additional gaiters) – $197, Premium(all 5 gaiters) – $297
Official site:


The Bathmate is a good option to make your penis larger and wider and improve your erections. However, you may want to opt for the Penomet, another useful hydro pump popular in 2019. This device is like Hydromax but offers a slightly different way of working.

Why Penomet?

The Penomet penis pump uses an interchangeable pressure gaiter system designed to ensure safe and gradual penis enhancement. It is recommended you start with the lowest setting gaiter.

You can take a stronger setting gaiter when you get used to the pressure and force. This will help increase your penile size better.

On average, you will gain an additional 1.5 to 3 inches to your penile length and 30% to your penile circumference.

How Penomet works

You should use this device with water to gain the optimal effect. Apply it in the shower for 15 minutes per day. You will immediately notice improvements if you strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

 Short-term results include harder and bigger erections. You should use the penis pump for several months to achieve longer-lasting results. 
Quick note
In contrast to a range of penis enlargement tools represented on the market, the Penomet is a top-rated penis enlargement pump that has been clinically tested and scientifically proven to be effective. This so-called trial guarantee allows customers to be sure of the product’s quality.

Where to buy Penomet?

Also, you will get a 3-year warranty and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you get no desired results within two months, you can return your order and receive a full refund.

The basic Penomet device will cost you  $127, but we recommend ordering the Penomet Premium package ($297), which includes all available gaiters to control the pumping pressure
The manufacturer claims that you can add 1 to 3 inches to the length of your penis. Permanent increase results require that you use the device for at least three months. Visit to buy one of the best pumps available

#3.  Hydro7

 Brief statistics: 

# of customers:
500 000
Made by:
DX Products Ltd (UK)
Min results:
1 inch
Max results:
4.5 inches
First results: 30 days
Maximum results: 180 days
Money back: 60 days
Free worldwide delivery
Price: The Hydro7 Original Pump costs $110
Official online order:

What is Hydro7?

Bathmate is a popular range of penis pumps manufactured by DX Products, a company that was the first to design a revolutionary hydro pump (a pump that can be used both with air or – for the highest gains – with water). The company offers its customers three different pumps.

How to choose the best Bathmate penis pump?


If you are a beginner or an advanced penis pump user, an average size man, or a guy with a big and healthy penis, you will find the Hydro7 pump that matches your needs and goals to be an excellent choice. It costs only $110

If you don’t know what to start with, you should choose an Original Hydro7 and a new Hydromax. Both pumps are the same size and come in three colors: blue, red, and clear.

The key difference is that Hydromax offers an innovative removal comfort pad and a bellow pump claiming to provide 35% more pressure. But it would be best if you considered the new Hydromax technology a bit more expensive.

Where to buy?

You can purchase Hydro7 Original Pump directly from the manufacturer’s website Your package will be delivered to your country FOR FREE.


#4. AndroVacuum Pump

Androvacuum is famous for its powerful traction device (penis extender). Still, it also manufactures penis pumps, which were popular among customers worldwide (proven by customers’ feedback) in 2023.

Androvacuum offers men vacuum pumps (unlike Bathmate and Penomet). These devices work by creating a vacuum and bringing pressure to the penis. This allows increased blood flow to the phallus and improves blood circulation.

Your erections become firmer, and your penile size becomes temporarily larger every time you pump.

This device is equipped with an industrial pressure gauge to control the pressure and regulate the pumping session. It also includes a quick-release safety trigger and a pistol grip handle.

The process of use is easy. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the best results. Androvacuum penis pump is an excellent start for newcomers.

Though experts and clinical trials show that water pumps (Bathmate and Penomet) are more effective than air pumps, customers report positive improvements.

#5. Vibrating Big Man’s Pump

The Big Man’s Pump is the best penis pump that offers customers an exclusive vibrating function (this feature requires two AA batteries). This is an ordinary air pump and can’t be used with water.

This product includes three silicone sleeves, which allow you to adjust the pump to your penis size and feel comfortable during pumping. The cylinder has measurement guidelines printed on it and is longer than many other devices, matching men with giant phalluses.

Most customers report that they have achieved excellent results and feel no discomfort at the base of the penis (that may be caused by pulling on the skin). Also, the company offers quite an affordable price of USD 59.95

Bottom Line

Dr. Approved
Bathmate and Penomet are reported to be the best in the industry and are fully endorsed by their customers. It is hard to say what device is the most efficient and powerful as our bodies are different and can respond to the tools in various ways.

Some customers can gain the first positive changes in one month, while others should work for three or more months.

 If you are a pumping beginner, you may start with the Bathmate and Penomet

These hydro pumps are the top products; they are safe and have a lot of positive reviews on men’s forums. You will experience comfortable and fast results.

However, you may also wish to choose among other devices mentioned in this article, as they are also effective, match different sizes of the penis, and offer more affordable prices.

You should always be careful when making your pumping choice. You are recommended to visit the official or verified websites to avoid scammers – or worse still, harm to a valuable part of the body.

This is our Bathmate Unboxing Video

Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc
Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

10 thoughts on “TOP 5 Effective Penis Pumps of 2023, that Work Today

  1. Just my 2 cents for those, who already use Bathmate: push it on your pelvic area in erect condition and simply push 2-3 times to get maximum suction and then just leave it for a few minutes.

  2. I want to share my results with Bathmate Hydromax here and some advice:
    1. Shave! It’s really important
    2. Do not forgot to warm up
    3. Do bathmate stretches
    4. Use a beginner guide from Bathmate
    5. It’s recommended to massage your balls during the warm up session dawnwards. My length after 4 weeks has increased by 1 jnch, the girth – by 0.5 inch.

  3. I know penomet is working for some people, but not for me. I have spent around 2 months and the only positive results i’ve seen – better erection and stamina. It’s good if you want to have sex longer. I have returned the pump and got my money back. But I’m not going to stop, I have ordered a Bathmate x series X30. I will share my results here

  4. I have recently bought bathmate hydromax, do I need any penis stretching exercises or device? Or that’s enough to make pumping?

  5. Closing the switch prevents pressure and water from leaking, that is important for bathmate users. You do not need any special technique to succeed, your erection could be 85% to enter the X20 or X30

  6. finally! I’ve got results with Bathmate hydromax + 2.15 inch in length. But my total pumping period was 4 months. I would not say it was hard, i did not feel any discomfort. You just have to make a first step – order the pump and start your routine. There is nothing complicated.

  7. I am asian guy and I must say it’s so excited to see how your erection grows and stay hard after the penomet pumping. I feel like it’s getting bigger day by day, my measurements show the real progress after 2 weeks

  8. It’s important to warm up your penis if you’re going to use the Penomet pump. It really helps to prepare the penis for the penomet intensity. I increase the duration of Penomet usage all the time and it helps me. My penis is 2 inches longer since I started

  9. My 2 cents with penomet. I’ve recently bought this pump and I started to use Petroleum jelly on the gator lip, it really helps with suction

  10. Bathmate hydromax is my only penis enlargement device that makes all the job. I follow the instruction and the results are awesome – my erections are stronger and fuller and the penis is now 2 inches longer than before. I keep pumping my penis almost every day to stay harder and bigger

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