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Penomet Penis Pump: An Effective Way to Make the Penis Bigger

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If you are pursued by inferiority complexes that are caused by insufficient penis size, you need to look for a safe method of getting rid of the problem. And what can be more reliable than using the Penomet pump? This is a universal device that can be used in water, as well as a conversion pump.


Under the influence of pressure, stimulation of the circulation takes place, which contributes to the expansion of cavernous tissues of the penis. And this, in turn, increases its parameters up to 25%.



Summary of Penomet



The Penomet pump is made of a high-quality medical material that does not cause irritation and allergic reactions. The tube is a solid polycarbonate plastic. The pumping gaiter is made of elastic and wear-resistant rubber with the addition of silicon.


The device has quality certificates with CE and SGS marking. This fact indicates that the pump is a 100% safe tool, which impact is highly effective.


Thanks to the pressure inside the tube created by the gaiter, a useful result of using the pump is ensured. Penomet has several removable gaiters, changing which you can set this or that pressure force.



Step-by-Step User Guide of Penomet



    • To obtain a more efficient result, it is recommended beforehand to wet the tube with water.

    • Put the most suitable gaiter on the pump base and carefully insert the penis into the case.

    • Several times press down the gaiter to the pubis using a pumping technique.

    • After 2 minutes, relax the upper valve for 10-15 seconds, then repeat the procedure.

    • The duration of the session should not exceed 15 minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions



Penomet gaiters

    • How effective and safe is the Penomet pump? The effectiveness and safety of the Penomet device have repeatedly been tested by clinical studies.

    • Duration of pump use. To obtain visible outcome from using Penomet, it is necessary to perform exercises daily for 6 months.

    • How many gaiters are included in the basic Penomet kit?The base kit of Penomet includes only 1 gaiter. Extra gaiters must be ordered for the additional charge.


    Result and Side Effects



    During the study of user reviews, as well as clinical research materials, there were no side effects found during the use of the Penomet pump. The final result of using the pump is a penis enlarged by 15-25%.




    Warranty and Delivery



    The main guarantee of Penomet quality is the documentary base obtained during clinical trials.

    Certificates of products can be found on the official website of the manufacturer. Delivery of goods is carried out in any region of the world.


    If you want to have an effective device for penis enlargement, we recommend right now to order the Penomet pump, which can be found on the official website of the manufacturer.